Living Ink turns algae into environmentally-friendly printing ink

Instead of heavy metals, petroleum products, and toxic solvents, this printing ink is made with algae grown by Living Ink.

Printing inks are ridiculously expensive, full of potentially harmful ingredients, and cover all sorts of materials around us everyday. From office papers to newspapers to magazines and books, all the way to the monthly mailing of bills we get at home, to the printing on shipping boxes and grocery labels, it’s everywhere. And according to Living Ink, most of it is based on petroleum byproducts, which, among the other myriad ecological issues that fossil fuels have, tend to persist in the environment for a very long ‘afterlife’.

A far safer alternative to conventional inks, says company co-founder and CEO Scott Fulbright, is to use algae cells as biopigments, and to replace the petroleum-based ink ingredients with plant-based ones, which is what his company has actively been working on for the last few years.

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