Pentatonic’s furniture is made from 100% post-consumer waste

By focusing on turning trash into treasure, Pentatonic aims to demonstrate a better way forward for home furnishings than the standard of using virgin materials to create relatively short-lived products. We already have enough glass, plastic, and metals on the surface of the planet to make what is needed, although mostly in the form of “the world’s most abundant and dangerous resource – human trash.” Pentatonic is tapping in to this waste stream for feedstock for its products, which are intended to be truly “circular” in nature, by virtue of being made from 100% recycled materials, being fully recyclable, and coming with a lifetime buy-back guarantee.

According to Pentatonic co-founders Jamie Hall and Johann Boedecker, the company aims to disrupt the furniture industry not only through its use of 100% post-consumer waste to craft its products “without compromising an inch on design, performance, or function,” but also by incorporating automotive manufacturing technology to build it. This is said to enable a scalable production process that also enables ‘localization’ by sourcing feedstock from near the production facility instead of from across the world.

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