“Snacks against obesity” offer high protein & high fiber alternative made with food recycling

In a bid to offer affordable nutrition in a form that kids will eat, Planetarians is turning food industry byproducts into high protein and high fiber snacks.

Planetarians is giving a second life to wasted food, and tackling child nutrition and obesity at the same time, by using an extrusion and “steam explosion” technology to turn ‘waste’ food, namely byproducts of the food industry that don’t otherwise get eaten by humans, into high protein, high fiber snacks that can help address the rising trend of child obesity. By starting with low-cost oilcake, which is the leftover matter after pressing oil crops such as sunflower and canola, and treating it with a process to break down the insoluble fiber within it (which is otherwise not digestible), Planetarians founder Aleh Manchuliantsau believes that “food recycling unlocks access to affordable healthy meals for growing population.”

The 12 grams of plant protein per serving in the Planetarians products, which comes from sunflower seeds, and the 11 grams of fiber per serving, are claimed to provide more protein than beef and more fiber than an apple, and in a format and taste that kids (and adults) will eat.

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