As the Belly Grows

I came across this great video today, a time-lapse trip through pregnancy:

“This is a collection of outtake still shots from a maternity series I made documenting my wife Cole’s pregnancy. You can see the whole series at We had so much fun every week taking these shots, but the series only called for two photos. So this was my way to share the experience and the images with everyone.

My best friend devin from the band Rabbit! wrote this song in the video for my wife. The song is titled simply: “Magic”

Derek Markham

Things I dig include: simple living, natural fatherhood, attachment parenting, natural building, unassisted childbirth (homebirth), bicycles, permaculture, organic and biodynamic gardening, vegan peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, bouldering, and the blues. Find me elsewhere at @NaturalPapa, @DerekMarkham, Google+, or RebelMouse.

2 thoughts on “As the Belly Grows

  • Jared

    just about the best video I have seen! It is great to see a couple so happy to be pregnant! Congrats on the healthy baby!

  • What a beautiful video, made me all teary eyed. Wish I had thought to make such a wonderful memoir of my pregnancies!!


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