Pregnancy and Birth

Tips for Green and Budget-Friendly Maternity Clothes

JenBTV maternity clothesDoes pregnancy make you feel like you have to give up your sense of style, or like you need to go out and spend a bunch of money on new maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes don’t have to be frumpy or expensive, as Jen Boulden and her special guest explains in this episode of JenBTV:

“This week, Jen’s special guest is Nicole Pollard, who has been a guest E! style expert. You’ll learn about all the energy, chems and water it takes to make new textiles. We break down the numbers for you, including the amount of money the average woman spends on a new maternity wardrobe (spoiler: it’s a lot). Then the fun part – we show you some creative ways to repurpose your wardrobe as your due date draws near.”

Read more, and find out which gender of baby gets caught in the act on sonogram: Eco Preggy Stylin’

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