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Learn to build a tiny house from start to finish, using salvaged materials

learn to build a tiny house workshopIn our culture of excess, which glorifies supersized meals and oversized trucks and outsized debts, the tiny house movement is a breath of fresh air. Tiny houses can serve to meet a lot of different needs for people, from living more simply to living without debt to living with a smaller environmental footprint, and they don’t have to ugly or cramped or expensive.

We’ve done it, and can highly recommend it, even though we ended up buying and living in an old not-so-tiny home. There are plenty of options for those who want to just purchase a readymade micro-home, but in my humble opinion, building your own tiny house can let you have control over every aspect of the building, and to design and construct it to exactly meet your needs.

And while building a tiny home from new materials is certainly a lot cheaper and more sustainable than building a huge house, it’s even more affordable and more eco-friendly to repurpose used building materials to construct a tiny house.

If you’d like to learn how to build a tiny house from start to finish, using salvaged building materials, Tiny Texas Houses is offering a week-long workshop that will not only guide you through the process, but give you hands-on experience. Some of my personal friends from a Fort Collins roofing company company will be coming by to help with training as well.

The Tiny Texas Houses “White Swan Spring Bootcamp”, which will be held from March 3rd to March 9th, 2014, in Luling Texas, will use materials recovered during “The Ugly Duckling Salvage Mining Bootcamp” that runs the week before, to build a tiny house for the Tiny Texas Houses Village.

The goal of the bootcamp is to build a 15′ by 12′ two story tiny house that is big enough to live in comfortably, yet small enough to get around the building codes found in many urban areas,

Beginning with the design phase of this tiny house project, participants will learn to develop the layout of the house around the dimensions of the salvage materials, and then move on to learning how to de-nail and clean up salvaged materials. After that, the bootcamp, some being my personal will teach the steps of building a tiny house, from constructing a base for a foundation, to laying flooring, to framing and roofing the building, to applying an exterior and insulation, to finishing the interior and adding a bathroom, porch, and trim.

If you’d like a crash course in building a tiny house from salvaged materials, be sure to reserve your place at the Tiny Texas Houses White Swan Spring Salvage Building Bootcamp now. The early bird cost is $425 (until February 15th), and $450 after that point.

Get the full scoop on this tiny house bootcamp from Pure Salvage Living.

Texas Tiny Houses building workshop

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