A Computer for Toddlers

Toddler ComputerToddler Computerage two: “Papa, what you doing?”

me: “I’m writing.”

age two: “Oh. You witing on your pooter?”

me: “Yes, I’m writing on my computer.”

age two: “Oh. You reading on your pooter?”

me: “Yes, I’m reading on my computer, too.”

age two: “Oh. You have pictures on your pooter?”

me: “Yes, I have pictures on my computer.”

age two: “We look at them?”

me: “No, not right now, I’m working.”

age two: “Oh. You working on your pooter?”

me: “Yes, I’m almost done.”

age two: “Oh. I push buttons?”

me: “No, please don’t push any buttons.”

age two: “I want to push buttons.”

me: “Not right now, honey.”

age two: “I want to. I want pooter.”

me: “I love you. Go tell mama she wants you.”

age two: “Oh. She wants me?”

me: “I hear her thinking about you.”

age two: “Oh. She thinking bout me?”

me: “Yes, and sissy has some cool stuff in her room to show you.”

age two: “Not her room! It my room! My cool ‘tuff!”

me: “Quick! Look over there!”

age two: “You see spider?”

me: “Yes, it just ran upstairs. Go see where it’s going.”

(little feet climbing the stairs)

I go upstairs later and she’s got her Etch-a-Sketch on her lap and is concentrating really hard on it.

me: “What are you doing?”

age two: “Me witing on my pooter.”

me: “Oh. Writing?”

age two: “Yes, and weading.”

me: “Oh. You have pictures on your computer?”

age two: “Yes, me have pictures on my pooter.”

me: “We look at them?”

age two: “Not right now. Me working.”

me: “Oh. You’re working on your computer?”

age two: “Yes, I almost done.”

me: “I push buttons?”

age two: “No. You go ‘way. I busy.”

I love toddler logic. Now if we could just have one two-year-old, instead of the Jekyll and Hyde transformation (super-cool, mellow and articulate sweetheart turning into a raging wild animal that doesn’t speak english.)

Aaah… it’s all good.

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