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Solar Roofs Are A Great Way To Live Off The Grid. But How Do They Work?

In a world that is inching closer and closer to environmental catastrophe, switching to sustainable energy sources isn’t just a nice way to splinter your utility bill — it’s fast becoming a necessity.

The chief complaints that homeowners had in objection to solar panels ranged from the practical (too expensive) to eye-rolling (too ugly.) But thanks to clean energy pioneers, like Elon Musk, both of these complaints are set to become as dated as the fossil fuels that kept them in business for so long. Elon Musk has developed solar powered roof shingles, that appear no different than your run-of-the-mill asphalt shingles from the ground, these can only be installed by a roofing company that knows how to do it. But instead of being crafted from sticky black tar, they are made from glass. Don’t panic, this glass won’t shatter in a rainstorm. In fact, Tesla has put a warranty on them that only lasts for infinity.

But how do solar roofs work? The new solar powered shingle will still use the technology of solar panels to power up an entire household, the main difference is that the “panels” are now in the shape of compact roof tiles. If you’re still wondering exactly how a solar roof works, the following infographic from Renoviso does a nice job of breaking it all down. Check it out:

how solar roofs work

Source: Renoviso

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By Sherry Chen

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