How to be the change you want to see: Rob Greenfield

When it comes to walking the green and sustainable walk, Greenfield really puts it all on the line.

It’s not necessary to undergo a massive lifestyle makeover all at once, even though that can sometimes seem like the message being put forth by activists like Greenfield, because it all starts with one small change, and then another, and a continuing commitment to making those changes. As he explains in the following¬†TEDx talk, he didn’t have a major eco-epiphany, and in fact he perceived himself to be somewhat eco-conscious before he began his uber-green journey, but by making lists of small changes (and a few large ones) he could make, and then committing to them, he essentially transformed his whole perspective, which allowed him to radically reduce his environmental impact.

“The TEDx [talk] is my story of transformation to living a more environmentally and socially just life and shares my many adventures along the way and the lessons I gained from them in living a life that is better for the earth, all species, and myself. The whole purpose of the talk is to inspire people to start making simple positive changes, and one by one transform their lives.” –¬†Rob Greenfield

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