Small Changes in Food Choices Can Make a Big Difference (Video)

While it may feel overwhelming to try to change the way our families eat, it’s not necessary to totally overhaul our diet overnight, nor do we need to make radical changes to start seeing a difference in our health.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and even if we intend to eventually switch our family’s diet over to a completely different one, such as eating all organically-grown foods or switching to a vegetarian diet, we can start with very small changes in the choices of foods that we buy, prepare, and eat. Look at the phen375 review here for new ideas to change your lifestyle.

As this TEDxManhattan presentation from nutritionist Stefanie Sacks shows, even small changes in food choices can make a big difference in our everyday lives:

Find out more about the work of Sacks at her website, or check out her book, “What the Fork Are You Eating?,” for a practical guide to shopping for healthier food items and creating “simple, nutritious, and delicious meals.”

Derek Markham

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