Natural Snack Idea for Kids: Frozen Grapes

I’ve posted before about some natural snack ideas for kids, but this one is probably one of the easiest of them all to prepare: frozen grapes. We’ve been fortunate lately to get lots of free local produce, from apricots to apples, and most recently, large amounts of perfectly ripe grapes. Once grapevines are established and healthy, they can produce copious amounts of food, so if you know anyone that has more than they could use, turn some of them into all-natural frozen treats for your kids.

To freeze grapes, simply rinse them as you would to eat them, let dry for a bit, and then either pluck each one off the stem (it’s easier when you go to eat them) or put the whole bunch in the freezer on a tray or in a bowl (more work when you eat them, as you pull off the stems).

Some people say they need to be laid out on sheets until frozen, but we’ve found that it really doesn’t matter a whole lot in the end. We use large bowls, and if some of them get frozen together, it’s not a big deal – they separate as they start to thaw.

Once the grapes are frozen, you can pour them into a bag or container in the freezer, and only pull out as many as you need.

To serve, simply place a large bowl of frozen grapes in front of hungry children and watch them disappear. Best on hot days, but also makes a great dessert any time.

[Note: If your kids can’t deal with fresh grapes yet without choking, frozen grapes are not a good idea for them. But perhaps by cutting some in half before freezing, they can manage to eat some. Or juice some and make popsicles out of the grape juice.]

Image: Denise Cross at Flickr

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