Labor of Love Radio Show Interview

I was a guest on an internet radio show last week, in an episode titled “A Dad’s Eye View”, in which I give my two cents about fatherhood, pregnancy and childbirth, and parenting from a dad’s perspective:

“Ever wonder how men view pregnancy, childbirth and fatherhood? With a focus on understanding the emotional impact of fatherhood, we’ll also discuss the changes that take place in relationships, the new family dynamic, and all the fun (and work) that go into fathering.”

Simply click the play button to listen to the interview.


In all fairness, I probably come off sounding like a much better dad and husband than I am, but I talk a good game… Seriously, though, it’s not like you want to hear “How to be a horrible father and husband”, now do you?

You can also go to the Labor of Love page and download the interview for later, and while you’re at it, you can subscribe to future episodes of Karen’s show.

[Karen Angstadt is a Wise Woman, Mentor and mother of 2. With over 10 years experience teaching women to uncover, hear and honor their intuition through individual mentoring, in 2008, Karen began sharing her methods with pregnant women to guide them to their inner voice and empowered choices for birth.

Karen is the founder of Intentional Birth.com, host of A Labor of Love radio show on the VoiceAmerica network, author of the eBook To Thine Own Self Be True – a daily message for moms-to-be and serves women through individual mentoring, tele-seminars, and home study material.]

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