Treehuggers, Dirt Worshipers, and… Nature Nerds?

tree huggersIn the green movement, like they say, it takes all types. And whatever the flavor of environmentalist you are, there’s a name for it. I used to hear treehugger a lot, as well as people being referred to as crunchy, and I like to say I’m a dirt worshiper. But I heard the term nature nerd for the first time yesterday, in a post on The Nature Lady blog:

Protecting the planet and all of its creepy crawly inhabitants is not only sociably responsible AND socially acceptable but it is also suddenly cool.

Sure, there are many different shades of ‘green’, and environmental responsibility takes many forms. Every day citizens and celebrities alike are proud to proclaim their passion for solar energy and hybrid automobiles. But how many of them are ready to come out of the closet when it comes to the more nerdish pastimes such as bird watching and butterfly gardening? How many of them are ready to admit that they not only hug trees, but they also fondle flowers and even caress critters from time to time? – You May Already be a Nature Nerd

So add flower fondler to the list… I’m definitely prone to that as well.

What’s your favorite term for a ‘green’ person?

Image: johntrainorat Flickr

Derek Markham

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