Keep Your Dam Hands Off Our River

riverWe’re fortunate to have a beautiful river flowing right through town, the Cache la Poudre river. Heading down to ‘the beach’ is one way that we stay cool and sane in the summertime, and it’s free and relatively unspoiled. The kids get a chance to splash around, build sand castles and waterways on the shore, and best of all, we can get there by bike.

But… It may not still be there for us if the pace of development continues and the political wrangling over a big new water project in northern Colorado pushes a new dam and reservoir onto our river.

Called the Northern Integrated Supply Project (gotta love those meaningless project names), this bureaucratic boondoggle is sure to benefit some of the big players (developers and the like) while screwing it up for the rest of us. This video, by the Save the Poudre campaign, covers some of the debate.

“The project is predicted to cost well over $426 million with huge debt load and huge annual operating costs. Total costs, including all incurred debt, would approach one billion dollars.”

The lobbying for this project is now hiding behind the stereotypical public affairs tactic of a pseudo-grassroots campaign: Secret Glade Reservoir “Public Affairs Plan” Revealed.

Derek Markham

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