Two-fer Tuesday

Two-fer Tuesday: Circumcising Your Daughter, and the Optimal Number of Kids

Because there are so many other writers, both dads and moms, writing about great parenting topics each week, I thought I’d start sharing two links to ‘must-read’ articles each Tuesday (hence the name Two-fer Tuesday).

This week, we’ll take a look at what it would be like to consider circumcision for your daughter, and then we’ll show you how to figure out the optimal number of children for you.

From Woman Uncensored, things that make you go hmm:

“I was talking with a guy friend of mine who’d recently had his first child: a perfect baby girl. He chatted happily about the joys of being a new parent, and then mentioned an upcoming appointment. “Oh, just a usual checkup?” I asked casually. “No, its time for her snip-snip” he replied, equally casually. I was confused. “You know, her circumcision of course”, my friend clarified. Oh, right… that. I asked how he and his wife had come to the decision to have the procedure done on their daughter. Now it was my friend’s turn to look confused. “Well, everyone does it, don’t they?”. “Far from it, actually.” I replied. “But I’m interested in your reasons, so go on”. And he did.”

Now, that post will make you think a bit before making the decision to circumcise your boys…

And from the Parenting Pit, some help deciding how many kids to have:

“Sick of the dilemma? Not sure whether to pass on the baby clothes yet? Finally here at the Parenting Pit we have established a scientific, fool proof method of determining how many children you should have.”

You’ll simply determine what to use for variables, and then plug them into this equation:

Simple, ain’t it?

Image: Randy Son of Robert at Flickr

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4 thoughts on “Two-fer Tuesday: Circumcising Your Daughter, and the Optimal Number of Kids

  • I didn’t know that female circumcision was considered a normal procedure especially in the U.S. Its funny how i cringe at the thought of circumcising a girl, yet most of us wouldn’t think twice to have it done to our boys. Its one of the first decisions we make as a parent right after they are born and one we should really consider before making a decision.
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..Cleaning Tip: Removing Rust =-.

  • For most of the 20th Century, female circumcision was practiced in the United States. Insurance companies stopped paying for female genital cutting in the ’70s and it became illegal in 1996. The US culture has done a complete 180 and now considers female genital cutting as aborhant, while still embracing male genital cutting. Many say female circumcision is totally different than male circumcision, but they miss the point. A helpless infant, who is counting on their parents to protect them, is having their genitals altered. Female or male, it is a violation of the bodily integrity of the child. I was circumcised as an infant and I would have preferred to keep all of my sex organ.


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