Two-fer Tuesday

Two-fer Tuesday: Keeping Secrets and Evolving Men

With summer upon us, I’m hoping that you’ve all either got some of your garden planted, purchased a CSA share, or are getting to know your local farmers at the farmers market!

For this week’s Two-fer Tuesday picks, we’ve got a great essay on whether or not it’s OK to keep secrets from your spouse, and then some exciting news for men who are interested in moving the men’s movement forward.

From Bruce Sallen:

“Is it ever okay to keep a secret from your spouse?  If so, what secrets are okay and which are not?  I would suggest there are times where a so-called “white lie” is a good thing while most of the time honesty is truly the best policy.  An example of a good “white lie” is the ubiquitous situation in which a wife asks her husband, “Am I looking fat?” or “How do I look in this dress?”  We men know there’s only one answer, really: “You look great, Honey,” or some version of that.”

And my friend Jayson Gaddis is putting together a planning session this fall for the first Evolving Men’s Conference:

“In September of 2010, 25-50 leaders from various men’s organizations around the world will descend upon Boulder Colorado for what will be the first ever collaborative effort to galvanize the current men’s movement and plan a HUGE Men’s Conference in 2011.

Our purpose statement is: To bring together leaders of various men’s organizations to brainstorm the development of an Evolving Men’s Conference that galvanizes the men’s movement, promotes collaboration among different men’s organizations, and evolves the consciousness of men around the world.”

I’m excited to see how this group of men can work together to bring some clarity and wisdom to the men’s movement!

If you’d like to be considered for the event, e-mail

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