Two-fer Tuesday: DIY Baby Shoes and a Daddy Blogger Lets It Rip

For this week’s Two-fer Tuesday, I’ve got two extremely different posts.

The first one is very cool and practical – complete DIY instructions for baby shoes (Robeez style) made from old jeans.

But the second one seems to fly in the face of the first, a thought provoking post from a dad blogger, called “Why I Hate Mommy Bloggers”.

I think you’ll enjoy them both.

From Jaime, over at Prudent Baby:

“When babies are tiny Robeezare great shoes for keeping little feet warm and cute. BUT they can be a little pricey, so I attempted to create a DIY version by recycling denim that, in all honesty, was just never going to fit me again. After a few tries I think I nailed it, I’d love to know what you think if you try it out.”

Her post, DIY Baby Shoes (recycled from old jeans), is filled with tons of pictures and clear instructions, and I think even I could make some. Bookmark this one. Send it to all the crafty parents you know. Seriously.

I only recently discovered the writing of Ron Mattocks, and look forward to reading his soon to be released “Sugar Milk”, but I think you may want to take a peek into Clark Kent’s Lunch Box right now:

“So I’m waiting to get a haircut and flipping through a parenting magazine when, there it was: another ode to the mommy bloggers article. Well, isn’t that just special. This is the same thought I had last month perusing a published list of the Top 50 Mommy Bloggers, and it’s the same thought I always have when somebody writes another oo-la-la feature about the power of moms with Internet access. Listen up sisters. I am dad (with DSL). Hear me roar.”

I recommend reading this post all the way through, so you won’t miss any of the other tasty bits Ron sprinkles in.

If you enjoy either one of those links, be sure to let the authors know in their comment section – we all love comments!

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