Two-fer Tuesday

Two-fer Tuesday: Dads and Toddlers, Tiger and Jesse

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a Two-fer, but I’m back on track now. My process for picking these is simple: Open up my feed reader (I love Feedly for RSS subscriptions), scan through my ‘fathers’ and ‘parenting’ folders, looking for gems to share with you. If you’ve got a favorite post I should highlight here, email me at derek at (thisdomain).com and I’ll check it out.

For today’s Two-fer Tuesday post, we find out that fathers are essential (duh!) and question why we should care about celebrity scandals.

From DIY Father:

“Many involved fathers have known for a long time what a recent study from the university of Montreal has just proven: Dads’ involvement with children from day one is essential. This particular study shows that “exploration behaviour” of toddlers is activated by fathers. Details are below but the last sentence of the article pretty much sums it up for me: “… fathers provide something different to the child who will benefit greatly from this singular contribution.”

At Silicon Valley Moms blog (from David of Dads House Blog):

“Jesse James and Tiger Woods have taken over the tabloids with their marital infidelities. Jesse James is of course married to Oscar-winning Best Actress Sandra Bullock, and Tiger Woods is the world’s greatest golfer. Allegations paint both men in very negative lights. They cheated on their wives multiple times. And they and their wives are now in the media spotlight because of it. The Tiger Woods affair scandal has become pathetic.

Why should we give either of these men any attention?”

Do me a favor and check out both of those posts, and if you are so moved, leave a comment or subscribe to their blogs!

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