Two-fer Tuesday

Two-fer Tuesday: Bullies and When Mom’s Away

For this week’s Two-fer Tuesday, a couple of dads sound off on two separate topics: bullies, and when mom’s away. They’re both worth a read, and a comment if you feel so moved.

From Clark Kent’s Lunchbox:

“I was talking to my oldest son, Noah, on the phone the other night when he changed the subject with, ”Hey, Dad, guess you didn’t hear the news.” Indeed I had not, and knowing my son, whatever he was about to share with me could range from his completing a new level on a video game, to a little known fact concerning the history of Chechnya.

“A kid in my class brought a knife to school today,” he said with a surprising amount of nonchalance.”

From The Good Men Project:

“In Theory: Don’t play the “Mom’s Away” Card. Dad taking care of the kids when mom is out of town should be a non-event. Because dads are now equal co-parents, it would be absurd and demeaning for a dad to ask for some kind of accommodation or special consideration just because mom is out of town.

In Practice: Overheard within twelve hours of mom’s departure — “You see, coach, My Wife Is Out of Town, so I couldn’t find Ri-ri’s soccer uniform. Or her water. Or her ball.”

Derek Markham

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