Shameless Self-Promotion

Year End Deal: 48 Hour Website Setup for $200

Are you looking for a unique gift that keeps on giving?

Something for the recent graduate or job-seeker or budding entrepreneur in your life?

Or perhaps you deserve a little something for yourself?

Consider the gift of a custom website setup:

The recent graduate or job-seeker can use their own domain name to build and display a CV, resume, or projects they are working on. Your name or your brand should be able to be easily found online, and your own domain is the perfect way to increase your visibility. It also helps to build your reputation as a knowledgeable or skilled person in your field.

Maybe you’ve been waiting to start your own new business, or launch an online portfolio of your artwork. Or you’re yearning to break into the writing game and you want to build up a professional set of clips. Having your own website gives you the platform you need in order to be exposed to potential customers and clients.

A small business doesn’t just need a physical location. It also needs a digital one. Whether it’s serving as a 24 hour sales and referral platform, or helping you get found in the local Google search results pages, a small business without a custom domain is missing out on a powerful and affordable marketing tool.¬†As a small business, it is also a great idea to look into market research so you know who to target the website towards. Get in touch with a professional research company like Circle Research.

From now until December 23rd, I’m offering a basic website installation and setup for just $200.00

Yup, just $200.00.

Normally I charge at least double that amount for a basic new site installation and setup. But I’m feeling a little frisky and I want to offer a great deal for the end of the year, thinking it would make a great gift. Also, since virtually all of my past clients have come by word of mouth, I’ve never posted a Services or Hire Me page here, so it’s an opportunity for me to put myself out there publicly a little bit more.

A brief note about websites:

Many websites are difficult to update or maintain if you don’t want to learn how to write and edit the code for them. But a blog platform is different. (When people hear the word ‘blog’, sometimes they think ‘personal diary with funny cat pictures or bad poetry’, but it just isn’t so…) WordPress is a blog platform (software) which makes it easy for just about anyone to update and maintain their own website, which means that the site will be more useful, because you don’t have to keep calling your programmer or neighbor or grandchild to change something on it. I work exclusively with WordPress, and find it to be excellent for the ease of user experience, the search engine optimisation (SEO) structure, and the flexibility for customization.

Details for the basic blog/website setup:

  • Completed within 48 hours of receiving payment and appropriate info (details of hosting, domain, etc)
  • Up-to-date installation of WordPress, secure and properly configured
  • Full set of basic plugins, including backups, SEO, contact form, and social sharing features – (these are add-ons which increase functionality)
  • Free theme of your choice, or the use of Genesis Theme (normally $59.95) – (theme determines the look of your site)
  • Basic custom header image from your logo, color choices, or photo – the header is the image at the top of the site
  • Three basic pages, for example: About, Contact, Bio (you supply the text and or images)
  • Access to basic WordPress training videos
  • 2 weeks of support via email

What’s not included:

  • Moving an old site to a new site, or from one domain or hosting to another. I will do that for you as well, but for an additional fee. This is for new sites only.
  • A premium theme. Thesis and Headway are my favorite WordPress themes, and if you want to eventually have a lot of customization done on the site, I highly recommend them. The additional cost for one is $40 (normally $87 each if you bought from their site)
  • A hosting plan. A website needs to be hosted somewhere – the files are stored on a server, and served to visitors from there. A basic Linux hosting plan is sufficient for a small business or person who only has one domain. A deluxe plan is usually needed if you have more than one domain you would like to host there. If you want to authorize me to purchase it for you, I can do that as well.
  • A domain name. You have to own the domain, such as, or .net or .org or whatever. It might take a little experimenting to find the one you want which isn’t already owned.
  • Guarantees that you’ll get a flood of traffic or have a ‘viral’ blog post. I can help you learn how to best use your website and social networking to grow your clients or customers, but that would fall under consulting, which is another thing I do. Contact me via the form below for details.

If you don’t have the domain or hosting, I’ve worked with HostGator, BlueHost, and GoDaddy for both my own domains and hosting plans and those of clients, and I find them to be easy to use for choosing a name and a plan, and responsive with support.

Ready to buy? Here’s what you need to do now:

  • Enter as many details as you think I’ll need in order to begin your site in the contact box below. Make sure to enter your correct email address, so that I can contact you quickly.
  • Click on the PayPal button (“Buy Now”) and choose the Basic Blog Install for $200.00 or With Custom Theme, for $240.00 if choosing a premium theme.
  • Purchase a domain name and hosting plan, or authorize me to purchase one for you. This may mean giving me your credit card number, so if you’re not ok with that, you’ll want to purchase them yourself and just give me the login information from the host.
  • Choose a free theme.
  • I will contact you to confirm receipt and to find out your choice of theme, your color preferences, or any logo or images I need.
  • Once I have all of that information, your website will be up and running within 48 hours, and I will email you with your login information and the links to my WordPress training videos.

This promotion runs through the 23rd of December, so that anyone giving a gift will have it done by the 25th. If having it done by then is not an issue for you, I can extend this promotion through December 25th.

One last note: If you aren’t interested, but know someone you think might be, please forward this on to them.

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Image: cuttlefish at Flickr

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