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Ultimate Motivational Video: Gabrielle Bouliane

After my accident, I was awash in self-pity and quite depressed about the whole thing. I felt as if nothing was going my way, and I stopped doing a bunch of things that I had just recently started to do.

The underlying feeling I had was that I was off my game. Even simple tasks took three times as long, and the quality of the work I did complete was less than my usual standards.

But then I watched this video (several times), and it’s been a big factor in helping me to get my mojo back.

[Note: some adult language]

“The lovely and amazing performance poet Gabrielle Bouliane performs for the audience at the Austin Poetry Slam.

This would be her last public performance.

Gabrielle was diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer shortly before this video was filmed. Our dear sister fought hard, but she ended her fight January 29, 2010.”

If you know someone who could benefit from watching this, please forward it on to them.

Image: notsogoodphotography at Flickr

Derek Markham

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One thought on “Ultimate Motivational Video: Gabrielle Bouliane

  • That was a great video Derek. I will remember to pass this on to others. Sounds like you were having a hard time. Hope things are better for you now! This video reminds me of what I have found from my experiences in the past, from those people who are dying. They teach us so much about living. Keep the faith!


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