Vika+ folding e-bike delivers on both form and function

Blix Bike Vika+ e-bikeThe Blix Bike Vika+ e-bike is a well-designed electric assist bicycle that can fold down into a small footprint for transport and storage.

Over the last few years, the electric bike scene has gone from being a fringe element to serious contender, and the combination of both technological advancements and consumer interest has been responsible for a virtual explosion in e-bike offerings, with models being launched for a wide variety of cyclists, ranging from casual riders to bike commuters. And it’s important to have the right model of bike for the task at hand, as there’s no better way to ensure that a bicycle will gather dust instead of road grime than to buy one that doesn’t really meet the needs of the rider.

One category of bicycles that caters to a specific need is foldable (or folding, if you prefer) bikes, for those who need to be able to easily fit their two-wheeler in a trunk or closet or other small space, yet still have full-sized bike functionality. Being able to quickly stow or transport the bicycle with you can help overcome ‘last-mile’ and multi-modal transportation hurdles, and when combined with an electric drive component, folding bikes could offer a low-sweat option to a number of commuters.

Although I’m not exactly the target market for a folding bike (I spend more time on a mountain bike on dirt singletrack than city pavement these days), the folks at Blix Bike asked if I’d like to try out their Vika+ foldable e-bike, which is said to be the result of “more than 9 years of product development and continuous technological improvement.” To be honest, I wasn’t prepared to like this bike as much as I eventually did, and while I did end up finding the bike wanting in a few areas, I also came to appreciate the well-thought-out design of both the bike and its components.

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