Tushy’s new bamboo toilet paper is a “sustainable poo-solution”

In a bid to reduce TP’s environmental impact, the team of toilet crusaders behind the Tushy bidet attachment have rolled out an unbleached bamboo alternative.

According to Tushy, 15 million trees and 67 billion gallons of “sh*tty chemicals” (used to bleach the TP) are used for toilet paper each year, and TP production accounts for 15% of deforestation, so switching to a bidet instead of dry toilet paper is a more ecologically sound choice. However, even the most die-hard bidet user still needs a little pat dry, in which case the company proposes the use of its very own bamboo toilet paper, which is completely unbleached and “silky-strong-soft.”

I recently received a few rolls of the new Tushy Bamboo TP from the company, and put them into the bathroom in the name of science blogging. The reaction to the new toilet paper by my kids was mixed, to say the least…

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Derek Markham

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