Review of miessence Organic Personal Care Products

At our house, we only use 100% natural products for personal care – and organic if possible. Our favorite soap is Dr. Bronners, as it’s a ‘clean’ product, very affordable, and comes in a variety of formulations, from very gentle (for babies) to scented versions. We’re always looking for great products that fit with our ideals, and I just got turned on to a new (to us) line of body care products: miessence©.

Erin, from ELY Organics, sent me some samples of the miessence© toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner to try out, and my overall opinion is that these are stand out products.

13101NewMintTPThe first product I tried was the miessence® organic toothpaste, and aside from the feedback from my 11 year old daughter, we all thought it was a great change from the usual strong tasting toothpastes on the market. My daughter said “I don’t feel like it really cleans my teeth as well as our usual one.” I disagreed with her, as I felt it did just as great a job. The base of the toothpaste is certified organic aloe vera juice, so it’s not as thick as most pastes, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do a thorough job with cleaning your teeth. The other ingredients are sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, and a variety of certified organic essential oils, with no SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), flouride, added sweeteners, or other sketchy ingredients added.

12101Next up was the shampoo – and because I’ve had long hair for a large portion of my life, a good shampoo is very important to me (when I had short hair, I just washed it with Dr. Bronners soap). The miessence® organic shampoo that I tried was the Desert Flower shampoo, which is a very gentle product. It’s made with Yucca juice and aloe vera juice, plus panthenol, organic avocado oil, and organic herbs and essential oils. I felt as if my hair and scalp were extremely clean after shampooing with it (unlike some shampoos, which may leave a residue on your hair). The product page says “You may experience a hair detox for the first few weeks if you’ve been using hair care with silicone derivatives. Your hair may feel knottier and dryer than usual during the detox phase. Be assured, it will improve.”, but I didn’t notice that with my hair. Perhaps if you are transitioning from a conventional shampoo, you would notice a big difference with that.

12301After the shampoo, I tried the miessence® organic hair conditioner, the Shine Herbal conditioner. Especially with long hair, a conditioner is essential if you want brushable hair afterward – not flyaway or static-y hair. The Shine Herbal is also based on aloe vera juice, but it’s also got moringa seed oil as an emollient, as well as herbs such as horsetail, rosemary, sage, and geranium for healthy hair. I tend to not have the patience to leave conditioner in my hair long enough in the shower (I’m impatient), but it didn’t seem to matter with this conditioner. It rinsed cleanly (not always the case with some conditioners), and afterward I was very happy with the results. My hair didn’t feel like it had any heavy residue on it, something I really dislike with some brands, and when dry, my hair looked and felt great.

After trying these products, I feel as if I can recommend them to you. If you’re in the market for a new body care line, check out the miessence© products. You can find them at ELY Organics. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Image: Biology Big Brother at Flickr

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