Ollies Wooden Blocks: A Superb New Addition to the Building Blocks & Construction Toy Category

Giving kids plenty of building materials and the space to explore their imagination can yield hours of creative play, and while construction toys like LEGO and Tinkertoy have been staples in this category for decades, there’s a fairly new entry to the building toy scene that has the potential to be just as engaging as those standards.

Last year, I wrote about the crowdfunding launch for Ollies Wooden Blocks, saying that it was like “LEGO meets Tinkertoys meets Erector sets,” and that Kickstarter campaign ended up being very successful for the company, with almost 600 people backing the project and lining up to pre-order sets of Ollies. My younger kids (11, 7, & 2 years old) and I recently got to spend some time with the 100-piece set of Ollies, and after hours of play, the consensus around here is that these builidng blocks “are really really fun” (says my 7-year old).

At the core of the Ollies building system are precision-cut oak blocks and planks, which are sourced from surplus wood pieces from local artisans and carpenters in Israel, some of which have have been drilled to accept interlocking plastic pegs from other pieces, and some of which have pegs inserted in them.

Read more (and get the 20% discount code): Ollies Blocks encourage kids’ imagination & creativity (Review)

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