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You Like ThisI take a lot of flack for my t-shirt collection sometimes, but that’s cool with me. I mean, I can’t get really excited about a closet full of button-down shirts, but I can get a kick out of wearing one of my many t-shirts with a bike theme, or my t-shirts celebrating co-ops, or even more timely, my ‘nerdy’ shirts expressing my love for all things digital media.

And now I have a new source for finding shirts which help to express my inner nerd: NerdyShirts.

From Star Wars to LOLCatz, from rainbows and unicorns to themes from the 80s, from Star Trek to Charlie Sheen, NerdyShirts has got your back (and front, I guess…).

NerdyShirts offers a 100% money back guarantee, and the wide variety of t-shirts they sell ensure that you’ll find something that really resonates with your interests (or a gift for that friend of yours who’s always tagging you in goofy pictures on Facebook).

“At, shoppers will find an entertaining array of funny t shirts inspired by popular culture, the internet and social media sites like reddit, digg and StumbleUpon. Our funny t shirts are more than a stylish addition to your wardrobe; they are conversation pieces and a means of expressing yourself. All of the awesome tees available from Nerdy Shirts are 6 oz. preshrunk 100% cotton shirts and come in sizes from extra small all the way up to triple extra large. With so many designs to choose from, if you love the internet, you’re sure to love these awesome tees.”

My “You Like This” t-shirt is a quality shirt, with none of the cheap aspects of the ‘county fair’ grade of shirts (graphics which flake off, irritating tag at the neck, etc.). One of the things I really like about it (it’s a small thing, but then again, aren’t all issues made up of small things?) is that there isn’t a tag – the info is printed inside the shirt, not on a tag which will end up being cut off and discarded the first time it bugs me.

One of the things I wish NerdyShirts offered is options on the shirt materials – organic cotton, or bamboo, or guaranteed non-sweatshop labor shirts, or anything other than the standard commodity cotton shirts. But hey, maybe if we leave them enough comments about it, they’ll consider it!

[The good folks at NerdyShirts were kind enough to send me one of their shirts to review, and as you can tell by the photo above, I picked the one with a Facebook theme.]

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