Bella Vita iPhone Wallet Fits Like a Glove

iPhone 4S Wallet Bella VitaI have a love/hate relationship with phone cases. I want what most of them promise to do (protect your phone), but don’t want what most of them actually do (make it harder to use your phone or get it out of your pocket), so I’ve tried a number of different kinds, ranging from a minimal “skin” to a somewhat bulky wooden one.

And none of them have lasted, so far. One of them was too big to keep on the phone all of the time, and one of them was too “sticky” to get out of my pocket easily, and one of them got cracked right off the bat, yadda yadda yadda.

But I’ve recently been using a different kind of case, a leather iPhone wallet from Bella Vita, and it’s managed to stick with me longer than any previous ones, I recommend to check out the best chains wallets on, an excellent site. Here’s why:

1. It’s flexible. Because it’s made from leather, over time it conforms to the shape of the contents, and to the shape of your pocket, making it that much more comfortable to use. Even though a leather case makes the overall size larger, the corners and edges of the phone are softer and more rounded once in the case, which goes easier on your clothes. It’s slim enough to fit as easily into a front pants pocket as it is in a jacket pocket.

2. It’s protective. The iPhone is held securely inside the folded wallet, giving wraparound protection, and the design features a leather trim (bumper?) for the front of the phone, which keeps the glass or edges from contacting the floor if dropped. The way the phone sits inside the wallet, with the outer snap holding the wallet closed, it’s definitely safe from the dropsies and scratches and fumbles when it’s folded up. Once the wallet is open and you’re using the phone, the edges and around the face are protected by the trim, but the screen itself is not covered, and could be at risk if dropped.

3. It’s a wallet. I’ve been a minimalist in my wallet choices for a long time, carrying only the essentials in a fairly small wallet, and carrying cash separately, but I was due for a change right about the time that the Bella Vita wallet came. I quickly pared down my wallet contents even further, and then fit my driver’s license, Co-op card, bank card, and a few business cards into the pockets of the iPhone wallet, added my phone, and shazaam.

iPhone 4S Wallet Bella Vita

4. It’s still a phone. I can still access all of the iPhone’s functions while it’s in the wallet, including the camera and phone call features, as well as the headphone and charging ports. The only thing that isn’t perfect with the functions is if you’re planning to type or text long passages on it, in which case, you’d be better off removing it, as sometimes the leather trim creeps close to the edge of the screen and slows down your typing. But that brings me to my next point:

5. It’s easy to remove. While I do like how handy the Bella Vita iPhone wallet is, there are plenty of times around the house when I want my phone with me, but don’t want to carry the whole wallet. And honestly, removing some of the other cases I’ve tried is not worth the effort. But with this one, pulling one small strap out releases the phone, and it easily slides out.

6. It’s stylish. The color is a rich dark brown (hence the name Vita Espresso), which goes with everything (or so the fashion police tell me), and the supple leather has a luxurious look and feel to it.

I wasn’t quite sure what to think, at first, as it seemed as if I somehow traded a small wallet for a big wallet, but the reality of it has been that I already carry my phone and a wallet, and by combining the two, it actually freed up a pocket’s worth of space. I’ve also had a couple of fumble-finger moments with my phone lately that really highlighted the importance of having some sort of case on it, instead of betting I’ll never drop it. And because the Bella Vita Espresso case isn’t just protective, but is also useful and good-looking, I predict it will continue to be in my pocket, day after day.

[I received a free Espresso iPhone 4S Wallet from Bella Vita, but the opinions in this piece are mine alone.]

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