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10 Things I Always Have With Me

10 things I always have with meHere’s my trusty bag, with the 10 things I always have with me sitting in front. If I’m taking the kids with me someplace, my bag holds at least 5 times this amount of stuff.

Rain shell, water bottle, bandanna, flash drive with rubber chicken, tea-tree toothpicks, Moleskine notebook, bike tool, flat repair kit, first aid kit (in leather pouch), and yes, that is a BlackBerry (I got it used, for the same price my phone was new).

Also showing the ever-present blinky-light for night bike rides, and key for my bike lock.

Just thought I’d share some random bits.

What 10 things do you always have with you?

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Derek Markham

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4 thoughts on “10 Things I Always Have With Me

  • I’m a little more hit and miss on always sort of carrying things with me. I need to get some sort of messenger bag or something. We’re also looking for a “cooler” and “hipper” diaper bag for our second. As for my “always carry’s”
    1. Wallet (normal leather deal)
    2. Keys (duh)
    3. Bandaids in wallet for little blistered feet and boo boo’s.
    4. Camera (my point and shoot cannon or my Digital Rebel XT for serious stuff)
    5. Cellphone (crappy Samsung SPH M-510) waiting for my wife to hand me down her Motorola Q
    6. iPod (80GB) black.
    7. Gum (I ALWAYS have gum)
    That’s it really. Do you have any suggestions for a messenger bag or other sort of *gasp* “man purse” lol
    I have been looking at the bagjack bags but they’re kinda pricey.
    I’m going to try and post a photo of my gear soon!

  • Zen Dad: I got this cotton canvas courier-style bag at a surplus store for about $25 (new). I had been looking at the Timbuktu courier bags, but it seemed like almost everyone I saw had one, so I chose this. And it was a quarter of the price of the other… I just went out of town for four days, and all my gear fit into this one, so I didn’t have to check luggage.

    I also have a smaller one, I think they call it a medic’s bag, and it really forces me to take only the essentials. It was maybe $12-15.

  • I just realized that you can see the smaller one in my profile picture.

  • When away from the house…
    1. Wallet
    2. Keys
    3. Swiss Army Pocket knife
    4. Water bottle
    5. Cell phone
    6. Zuni Bear fetish (given to me by my mother in law after I was diagnosed with cancer. She carried it until her breast cancer was gone)
    7. On long trips (I’ve made a lot from southwest Michigan to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota recently) I carry my late grandmother’s “Guardian Angel” charm. Never was one for believing in superstitions but after the diagnosis, I don’t want to take any chances.
    8. I have begun to take the camera with me more often of late. Trying to share more what we do with the in laws on the west coast.
    9. Sunglasses
    10. A good ball cap.

    Ok, some of them might have been a stretch but I am not that dependent on technology when I am out and about. We have only had the cell phones for a year or so. I am still pretty old school. I like to travel light too.

    Anyway, excellent blog, and I look forward to future posts.


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