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Couple to Live-Stream their Waterbirth

Known only as “Shawna & Ernie”, these parents are sharing the birth of their daughter, a waterbirth planned at the AquaNatal Birth Center, with the world via live internet video streaming. Their baby is “due” on or around May 24th.

“Our goal in sharing the birth of our daughter is to show women everywhere how safely and sanely a baby can be born outside of the hospital,” explains Shawna, the mother giving birth online. “My first labor and birth were quick, easy, and I didn’t like being told I could not move around, that I had to have an IV (intravenous line). The doctor and nurses made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing – but I did know”

“My wife and I are very concerned about the increasing c-section rate in our community, how almost every labor is now induced with drugs, and how women in our families and our community have been scared into unnecessary epidurals and surgeries here,” added Ernie, the father who is assisting his wife in this labor. “With our son’s birth three years ago I was barely allowed in the room – this time I’m helping my wife give birth.”

Register to attend the Miracle of Waterbirth – live.

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