Neer: Location Sharing for Your Inner Circle

Along with the explosion in smartphone sales has come the increased usage of geo-location applications, and with it, privacy concerns. If you’re ‘checking in’ to somewhere, are you now broadcasting to the world the fact that nobody’s at your house right now? Perhaps you do want to share your location with your loved ones, but not the entire internet?

Enter Neer.

“Neer is designed to use location sharing to help answer simple, everyday questions for today’s busy families. The application can automatically notify your spouse that you have left work, or let them know when you have arrived at the kids’ school to pick them up. Neer uses advanced geofencing and location-sensing technology to keep the people you choose up-to-date on your location.”

You don’t need to have an entire family of smartphone users to get value from Neer, as there are a couple of features which will appeal to many busy families.

One of these is the location aware “To Do” feature, which will buzz your phone when you arrive at a specific destination (“Pick up more cat food” when you’re at the store, for example).

The other feature fits in well with our modern text messaging habit – sending an automatic SMS of your location to those in your inner circle (“Leaving work” or “Picking up kids”).

Find out more about Neer for Android or iPhone here: Neer


Derek Markham

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