Exploring the Skeleton of the Penis

When you think about the human penis (and I know you do sometimes – it’s ok, everyone’s entitled to a little penis pondering from time to time), you don’t necessarily think that the average everyday penis could end up inspiring innovations in technology.

But that’s why we don’t get paid to study penis architecture, and why Diane Kelly does.

Watch as she sheds some light on one of the great mysteries of the natural world: the mammalian erection, as explained at TEDMED.

[Warning: If hearing the word penis makes you embarrassed, please don’t click Play.]

“Diane A. Kelly is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her research interests include the evolution of copulatory systems and sexual differentiation in the nervous system. She is best known for her original work on the anatomy and function of vertebrate penises, but has also written children’s books, created exhibits for science museums, helped exhume a mastodon, and designed and published a pair of quirky science card games. Find more from Diane at Science Made Cool.”

Derek Markham

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