Help Environmental & Human Rights Documentaries Get Seen

One of the most powerful tools for positive change is film, and more specifically, documentary films, which have the ability to educate, inform, and inspire. But given that many documentaries are made on a very small budget, with little to no overhead for marketing and promotion, even the best environmental and human rights documentaries will only get seen by a small audience, which is a shame, considering the huge amount of time and energy that goes into making them.

One small documentary distribution company is looking to shift that in favor of the filmmakers and their subjects, with a crowdfunding campaign that can help more of these environmental and human rights documentaries get seen, so that they have the ability to change the world for the better.

ECO DOX, based in Ashland, Oregon, is running a campaign on Fundrazr, with the intent of establishing $5,000 marketing funds for each of the 40 award-winning films that the firm represents, which will be used to help secure a large enough audience for them to attract larger distributors and potentially see them screened to much bigger audiences.

ECO DOX is a newly established, grassroots-oriented, film distribution consultancy specializing in the representation, sales, licensing and marketing of environmental and human rights-themed documentaries. Currently we represent 40 extraordinary, award-winning films.

Here’s the inimitable Jane Goodall speaking about the importance of documentaries:

Check out the crowdfunding campaign at Fundrazr, and learn more about the company at ECO DOX.

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