Kids Can Play 5 Different Sports with this Ball and Bat Set

AryaBallWe know that many children are getting way too much screen time these days, whether its watching movies or TV or playing games on the computer or gaming console, and not nearly enough outside time, where they can be physically active and social with other kids. But how do you get kids to step away from the screen and onto the green? One way could be by providing a fun and innovative way to play a whole bunch of different games with a single sports set, which is the big idea behind the AryaBall.

Invented by a father of 7-year-old twins who watched his kids get increasingly attached to their electronic gadgets and wanted to entice them to play outside more, the AryaBall can make it simpler to play five different sports, without having to bring a whole bag of equipment with them.

The AryaBall’s nested design features a baseball inside a football inside a soccer ball, as well as a flying disc, and when used along with the AryaBat, which is a baseball bat that includes a slide-out golf putter head, can enable kids to play football, soccer, baseball, golf, and frisbee.

“At AryaBall, our passion is to help parents turn their kids on to as many sports as possible, as early as possible, in hopes of promoting good health, teamwork, and tenacity so they can lead full and meaningful lives. That is why we set out to build the world’s most versatile ball and bat so kids and their parents have more choices when playing outdoors.

Guess what happened? We actually did it! No more having to buy, store and carry a soccer ball, football, baseball, bat, golf ball, club and a bag to put all that stuff in. A single AryaBall and bat is all ya need! What is more, given the AryaBall pieces not in use can be used as goal markers for the current game, kids really now have all they need for hours of fun in the Sun!”

To help launch his reinvented sports ball, AryaBall’s creator, Babak Forutanpour, has turned to crowdfunding to sell enough of the balls and bats during the Kickstarter campaign to cover the initial cost of manufacturing and bring it to the market. Backers at the $38 level will receive one of the first AryaBalls, and those pledging $48 will also receive an AryaBat, with an estimated delivery date of December 2014.

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