Double Dutchery: The online peer-to-peer clothing swap platform

Double Dutchery One of the things you know you’re always going to need as a parent is the next size up in clothing for your kids, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll get really familiar with the local thrift stores (as well as soliciting hand-me-downs from families with older kids).

But now there’s another way to get new (to you) gently-used clothing, directly from other parents. It’s called Double Dutchery, and it’s like a giant community clothing swap. It’s free to join, and it’s simple and inexpensive.

“Welcome to the sharing economy! Double Dutchery is a peer-to-peer clothing swap platform for gently used kids clothing. Kids often grow out of clothes before they wear them out; chances are, there’s a parent that needs exactly what your kids just grew out of, and vice versa. ‘Peer to peer’ means you’re trading directly with other members, like a local community clothing swap but on a much, much larger scale. More members means more selection.” – Double Dutchery

I haven’t used the service (yet), so I can’t speak from personal experience, but the concept seems rock-solid. Not only could it help divert some of the textiles going to the landfill (an estimated 90% of textiles sent to landfills are in perfectly good condition!), but it could also help save both time and money.

“Today’s parents live in busy times. We found ourselves without that real-world network of parents to exchange with, both because we are strapped for time and because our families live in other parts of the country. It was important for us to create something to help families like ours manage budgets and time – Double Dutchery does that by providing a virtual opportunity for parents to find great kids and teen clothing, as well as sports gear simply by sharing what they already own.” – Wendy Whiting, parent and co-founder of Double Dutchery

Check it out for yourself at Double Dutchery.

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