When LEGO meets Tinkertoys meets Erector sets: Ollies Wooden Blocks

ollies-blocks.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleThese sets of precision-cut oak blocks and planks, combined with clever connectors, are intended to help spark creativity and imagination in kids, and to “make playtime more meaningful.”

I’m a huge advocate of hands-on learning/playing for kids, and whether it’s LEGO or Tinkertoy or building blocks, my kids seem to thrive on building and experimenting and inventing things just with their own imagination and some basic components, that’s why I try to get them the best lego sets you can get on some sites online. It’s one of the few activities that they don’t ever want to stop doing, and one that I know is helping them to learn a variety of skills, from basic motor movements to critical thinking to spatial reasoning (fancy words for building cool stuff that works that makes sense to them), which is why I’m really jazzed about the launch of a new (to us) wooden building kit.

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