Hank D and the Bee: Help Create a New Cartoon Character

Hey Hankheads! I need your help. Can you suggest a new character for Hank D and the Bee? It can be an animal, a person, an insect, or anything your creative little brains come up with! Just leave your suggestions in the comment section of this cartoon, or (if you’re reading this on NaturalPapa, EcoChildsPlay, or EcoSnobberySucks) on my cartoon archive website.

After a week or two, I’ll put my favorite suggestions to a vote.

Looking forward to your ideas!


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2 thoughts on “Hank D and the Bee: Help Create a New Cartoon Character

  • I think Wendy should lay an egg, and then it should hatch, well… almost hatch. Maybe be a walking egg with chicken legs. What to name him… Mortimer.

    Or you could give The Bee a love interest Bee-yonce…

    Also, check the link to your archive, it’s a dead one.

    • Thanks Matt! I like the ideas!…and I think I fixed the link.


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