Choose the New Character for Hank D and the Bee!

These were my 6 favorite suggestions for a new character. Please make your vote in the comment section below this post (or tweet it to @GreenCartoons). Thanks to all who made suggestions!

Thoughts on the potential new characters:
An angry flower: There were many flower suggestions, so the type of flower (I think I like Black Eyed Susan the best) and whether or not he/she is angry is up to you. Feel free to be specific in your vote.
A love interest for bee: Suggested by two people–my dad being one–so I had to add her.
A worm: I love worms! It’s an easy addition. Too easy?
A Politician: An interesting (and topical) suggestion from EcoChildsPlay’s Jennifer Lance. I was going to draw the politician simply as a wig, but decided to add the question mark…may go back to just the wig.
A goat: Another great backyard animal. I drew a young goat with shoes, just ‘cuz.
An egg with legs: I liked this suggestion mostly because Wendy is so silent and you’d think an egg in a shell would be as well, but I’d make him/her very chatty. However, I feel like this character already exists. Is anyone aware of an egg-with-legs cartoon character?

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4 thoughts on “Choose the New Character for Hank D and the Bee!

  • a love interest for bee and/or goat with shoes! 😀

  • Maybe I combine the two and the love interest for bee is a goat with shoes…and lipstick 🙂

    Thanks Zach!

  • I hadn’t thought of the love interest being a goat… that could be very funny. Any of these would be a great addition, but I like the love interest for Bee. Whether that is a goat or not is up to the people!

    I thought the egg character existed too, so I did research and he does exist. Sheldon from Garfield. Oops!


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