Switch to paper straws and help fund sea turtle research

For those times when you really need a straw, consider investing in some reusable ones, or choose a plastic-free version.

I’m not a straw person by nature, so I don’t ever use them, but sometimes, especially when kids or the elderly are involved, I’ve seen a real need for them, so we’ve invested in both glass and steel straws for use at home (pro tip: If you have tile in the kitchen, choose steel). However, every so often, we still end up with a box of plastic straws in our house, leftover from an event or gathering, and even though we wash and reuse them, they are still a pain my eco-conscious rear, because PLASTIC IS FOREVER.

Aardvark paper strawsIf only there was a truly biodegradable straw… I’m half-kidding, because there are certainly straw alternatives (such as my personal favorite, if only because I dig the name, which is said to be available this coming fall), but part of the problem is that while cheap plastic straws are available everywhere, you really have to go out and look for them (which, to be fair, is super easy to do online these days) and then order them. It’s not nearly as easy as the impulse buy of straws at the grocery store, but until they start stocking plastic-free straws on more store shelves, ordering a greener alternative to have on hand is really our only recourse.

If you’re a straw user, straw buyer, or straw enabler, consider Aardvark Straws, because its paper straws are not only compostable and biodegradable, as well as (businesses take note) being available in more than 200 different designs, but the company also donates a percentage of sales to sea turtle conservation and research efforts.

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