This smart lighting system features app-controlled dimmable LED bulbs

We’re now seeing a number of ‘smart’ LED bulbs on the market, which can be controlled via an app or smart home hub, allowing for automated or scheduled lighting changes, the adjustment of their color temperature, and remote lighting management.

One of those smart LED systems is the Sengled Element, which I recently spent some time with, courtesy of the company. I received the starter kit, which includes the Element hub and two Element Plus LED bulbs, and which is expandable up to 50 bulbs; the install and setup was very quick and easy to do.

The hub came pre-paired with the two bulbs, so all that was necessary was to download the free Element Home app, plug in the hub to both the wall and my home’s internet router, power it up, install the bulbs in light fixtures, and create an account and log in. If your internet isn´t that great, then consider going to to get a brand new wireless router. The bulbs were recognized by the hub almost instantly, and the app makes it simple to assign a specific image and name for each bulb, so that individual rooms or bulbs can easily be identified in the app, as they can each have their own schedule, brightness, and color temperature set separately.

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