How a Bamboo Bedding Set Keeps You Cool on Scorching Summer Nights

You’re hot, sweaty, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. You kick off the sheets and try opening a window to let in a cool breeze. Instead you let in a fly. Now you’re hot, sweaty, and keep hearing the roaring buzz of your unwanted visitor. You pull the sheets over head to try to protect yourself from the incessant buzzing, but the heat starts to build up until you can’t stand it any longer. You throw the sheets onto the floor. Then there’s that buzzing again. Sigh… You’re never going to get any sleep tonight.

While this may sound like a typical summer night to you, it doesn’t have to be! A bamboo bedding set can help keep you cool on scorching summer nights. How can a bamboo bedding set keep you cool even on the hottest summer night?

Well, organic bamboo sheets and comforters are extraordinarily breathable, which is the most important aspect of a cool and comfortable bedding set. To help you understand how breathable bamboo is, let’s compare it to cotton, the fabric idolized for its breathability. Bamboo is twice as breathable as cotton. Yes, that’s right – Bamboo is twice as breathable as cotton.

This incredible breathability is the reason why bamboo is the perfect bedding for summer weather. Instead of trapping moisture and heat, reflecting it back to you throughout the night, a bamboo bedding set vents this moisture and heat away from you. In fact, a bamboo bedding set reduces the moisture and humidity in your bed by 50%, which brings us to our next point.

By reducing the humidity your bed, a bamboo bedding set actually helps you to feel more comfortable even when temperatures are soaring. As we all know, humidity aggravates extreme temperatures, making it feel several degrees hotter than it actually is. Since a bamboo bedding set eliminates humidity, you don’t have to worry about it making swelteringly hot summer nights hotter than they actually are.

While a bamboo bedding set can help to keep one person cool, can it still keep you cool when there’s another person in your bed, doubling up the heat? Yes, it can. A king size bamboo comforter is perfect for couples or when kids decide to jump into bed with their parents. All of the same principles apply and you and your family can stay cool and comfortable under a bamboo bedding set.

What about when you and your spouse like to sleep at different temperatures? No problem! While a bamboo bedding set will help to keep you cool, it will keep your spouse nice and cozy. The reason why a bamboo bedding set is able to do this is because it only wicks off the moisture that you produce when you start getting too hot. With a bamboo bedding set, everyone wins.

If you need help finding the perfect bamboo bedding set, read How to Choose the Perfect Organic Bamboo Bedding.

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