Toxic Soup: Chemistry’s Dirty Little Secret

Our health, and that of our families and friends, may be affected every single day by elements out of our control, such as chemical contamination of our water supply, the soil, the air, and all of the unpronounceable ingredients in our food.

But so far, the only people taking notice of this are those working in environmental health and advocacy, so I’ve got to give kudos to Man Bites Dog Films for producing the documentary “Toxic Soup” and helping to push the message into the mainstream.

“Every day in America a total of 42 billion pounds of chemicals are produced or imported for commercial and industrial uses. Of that, over 62,000 chemicals were ‘grandfathered’ into commerce as part of theToxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) without testing their impact on public health or the environment. As a result, in 2005, the CDC found over 148 chemicals in the blood stream and breast milk of sampled Americans.”

“‘Toxic Soup’ connects the current spikes in childhood cancer, autism, and other serious illnesses with the business practices of Fortune 500 companies: DuPont, Bayer, Ashland Oil, and Massey Energy. In Parkersburg, West Virginia, PE teacher Joe Kiger uncovers PFOA (also known as C8) in his community’s drinking water, an unregulated chemical that turns out to have contaminated 96 percent of Americans’ blood.”

“It’s David versus Goliath as this eco-doc follows the lives of everyday Americans fighting to protect their air, water and blood from chemical contamination. Along the way we march with Jim Carrey, pull a political prank on Hillary Clinton, and talk shop with filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and former president Bill Clinton.”

“”Toxic Soup” was filmed on location in over eight different states: California, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Indiana, & Washington DC.”

For more about Toxic Soup and Man Bites Dog Films, head over to Toxic Soup Movie, follow them on Twitter, or see their Facebook Fan Page.

Image: MBD Films

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2 thoughts on “Toxic Soup: Chemistry’s Dirty Little Secret

  • People say that little green steps don’t really make a difference, but we all have to do as much green in our own lives as we can just to keep our heads above water. So many toxic things are being thrown at us all the time.


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