Opium Poppies: Homegrown Pain Medication

Opium Poppies for Homegrown Pain MedicationThe source of one of nature’s best pain medications, opium poppies, thrives in your garden, and can be prepared in the kitchen with only some basic instructions for an all natural home remedy.

I’m a DIY kind of guy, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to make the things I need, and since receiving a review copy of Opium for the Masses, from Feral House, I’ve been patiently awaiting spring, so I can plant a crop of pain-relieving poppies to fill my medicine cabinet.

This classic book, subtitled Harvesting Nature’s Best Pain Medication, takes all of the guesswork out of it. Homegrown opium poppies, or even dried poppy heads from the craft store, can be made into poppy tea or laudanum, and could be your DIY pain relief solution for headaches, coughs, muscle pains, or diarrhea.

“With Opium for the Masses as the guide, Americans can learn how to supplement their own medicine chest with natural pain medicine without costly and difficult trips to doctors hamstrung by pernicious laws to prescribe proper pain relief.

“This new edition features material on legal issues and further recipes, including how to make Laudanum and how heroin is created in the depths of of the Afghani poppy fields.” – Feral House

After sustaining serious injuries and having to do without pain medication until I could see a doctor and get a prescription, I had to suffer through an agonizing night with only over the counter medication to cope with the pain. A friend was able to bring me some pain meds left over from an old injury of his, but without that, I would have had to tough it out.

It made me realize just how inaccessible effective pain treatments are without the signature of a doctor and a trip to the pharmacy. I found a new respect for people who suffered great injuries before potent pain medicines were widely available, a fairly recent development in human history. What did they do for the pain?

The answer is that they got what they needed from nature, and either gathered it or grew it. The opium poppy is an extremely useful medicinal plant with thousands of years of history of cultivation, but it’s also one of the most demonized, as the source of the refined product heroin. While morphine’s effectiveness for pain relief is well known, so is the story of the heroin junkie who’ll do anything for another shot of smack.

Opium for the Masses was such a national phenomenon when first released in the early ‘90s that Michael Pollan wrote a cover story for Harper’s magazine about the book, in which he he expressed his amazement that a common plant, P. somniferum, or the opium poppy, grows wild in most states, and could be made into a drinkable tea that acts in ways similar to codeine or Vicodin.” – Feral House

The political fallout from all of our wars on drugs and alcohol, and the subsequent financial elope-ments between Big Pharma and our government, have convinced people that opium poppies must be for dope fiends (but we sure do think they look pretty while admiring them in someone else’s garden). The truth about poppies is rather different.

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Opium for the Masses gives an overview of the world history of opium and then the US war on drugs (which began by outlawing opium as America’s first ‘illicit substance’ in 1914, under the Harrison Act), but most of the book is filled with practical how-to information, and very detailed at that. One section I found fascinating was the relationship between opiates, endorphins, and the brain, and how perfectly they fit together.

The practical sections cover topics such as how to cultivate and grow opium poppies at home, how to make poppy tea and laudanum, and how to make morphine from opium, and heroin from the morphine (a bit involved, and not for me, but an interesting process). I found the book to be comprehensive, informative, and entertaining.

I think this book belongs on the shelves of every modern homesteader, DIY family, and self-sufficiency freak as a valuable resource to learn how to grow and prepare these traditional pain remedies. Meanwhile, I’m planning my poppy garden.

If, however, you’re in need of treatment, consider these California opiate treatment centers.

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    • I have been on prescribed pain meds for over 20 years and ave recently overheard a conversation involving laudanum. I would really like to know more about it as the DEA continues to over-regulate my oxy’s and others. I cannot continue to live with the pain and the DEA doesn’t seem to care about the suicides cauused by cutting us back, just the accidental overdoses from precsriptions or from black-market!

      • Doctors where I live will not prescribe pain meds. The crooks have that market cornered for a huge illegal price. They bring it in from Mexico or pay extra to dirty doctors to get it. Honest people suffering from serious pain are in dire straights around here. I haven’t taken pain meds in many years and now my chronic condition requires pain relief. I can not get it. The doctors here ask all about your pain and they get your money but you don’t get any pain relief. It is horrible. It is outrageous misfortune! A regular guy like myself is shit out of luck unless we break the law and grow our own meds. So SCREW THEM ALL! BASTARDS.

    • San Francisco herb company.com. Buy between three and five pounds at a time and tell them to ship it by United States Postal Service if you’re in the USA.

      For instructions on how to grow poppies, go to Wiki pedia to look up poppy seed growing information.

      Here’s my own rendition of how I understood the instructions to read, and putting my own ye growth knowledge :

      First, if you you want them to grow larger faster, then place these Inside /outside lights that are the energy saving “New Spiral Style” lights above them; you can place them up to 10 12 feet above or as low as 6 feet 5 feet above, your choice. Make sure they are either 11 watts, 13 watts or 23 watts. But outside in 6 to 12 hours of natural light, then in the evening hours another morning hours, you can leave your energy lights on all day and it will enhance the growth pattern even in cloudy circumstances. So once you’ve made sure your lighting is correct which is pretty simple have both lighting systems natural light as well as the artificial light then you’ll have a better growth patterns. Next you need to prepare the seeds before you plant them, it seems to work better. So what I do is soak the seed in warm water and I even replace the water after it’s gone cold, & I let it sit overnight maybe 12 to 15 hours. Then after you have soaked the seed in water overnight, make sure it has its white root tip or the root is showing, then place the seed pointed downward toward the bottom one quarter of an inch below the soil surface. Keep it watered even as it grows, water a little bit or a small amount every day. Then when the plant gets older, maybe one foot tall, water every other day and do one week deep soaking every 2 weeks. Check to see if it gets dry it gets dry put a little bit of water and also periodically, spray with a green soap combination or a dish soap mixed with water: Recipe for Spray: put 2 tablespoons in a spray bottle of about 32 ounces, a little bit over the entire plant. after you have done I summon the first spraying. And repeat monthly after that first spraying . And repeat monthly after that first spray period.

      You can either plant them in the Fall or in the Spring.. Expect good growth with the extra lighting, and a growth of maybe 2.0 feet to about 2.5 feet.

      Making the Poppy Tea:

      It’ll take awhile for you to get used to making poppy seed tea. Just remember that you can use the same seeds for about 3 to 4 days while adding sugar in between adding more poppy seeds… and possibly daily if needed. just boil some water I would start with 8 cups and add 2 tablespoons of poppy seed tea- basically you can use to seeds to make this tea. If you can handle that after a few days and you don’t feel too sleepy or effect, then add maybe a teaspoon each day and increase or decrease from there. It is totally your choice. As always check with your doctor before using any type of medication or before ingesting anything in your body. the sugar is used as a somewhat preservative as well as extracting the medication off of the outside of the seeds easier. When you see floating brown or white or off-white things even a slight tan, that’s the medication. Also it will leave a residue on the inside of your cup as well as in the pan that you make it in. this might be a brownish or tannish color. You can leave that there is not going to hurt anything, even when you rinse out the pan in between your seed change day. 5 world seeds for 4 days maximum for the new seeds, then I throw them in a separate pan with water and boil them out and mix that with the new Seed boil. I keep the extra pan going always. Enjoy! You can also rub it on your body externally for extra pain killing power. Even put it in a spray bottle and spritz it on your body wherever the pain is. In minutes you are out of pain!

      • The above comment is total BS! Dont listen to a word he says. The seeds have nil opium in them! Read opium for the masses by hogshire for the truth. Get out of here you lying DEA troll!

        • there are a lot of incorrect pieces of information on the above comment, but it is not entirely untrue. The seeds themselves are coated in opium latex from being inside the Pod. You can rinse this latex off of the seeds ( since all of the alkaloids are water soluble) and glean a decent amount of opium tea From the process.

    • i fully understand i suffer from chronic pain every min of my life im so sick of this people abusing the meds there has to be a way that if the doctors would just sign off an make it that we can hava a card that saying we are chronic PAIN SUFFERTERS an we go every month you get your meds i have so many idea,s i wish i know some people that would helkp v

  1. The guy who wrote opium for the masses went to jail for having dry poppie pods he bought from a store. I don’t think advertising that you grow them to make opium is very bright

    • Hey, fellow legitimate pain sufferers! I, too, suffer from chronic pain. I am so sick of hearing about all the heroin junkies getting started with opioid pain medication. The truth is, they started out by ABUSING opioid pain medication. They actually crushed and snorted the drugs right up their noses and now the CDC & DEA are coming down on our doctors. They are trying to lower the number of heroin junkies & all prohibition does is make more people sneak around. Now they are going to drive the legitimate chronic pain sufferers into the illicit life!
      I am not going to commit suicide! I will simply turn my green thumb into my medicator. I always love having a summer garden. Poppies are beautiful! You can buy seeds every where. Go online. I just purchased several ounces for the garden. Just google poppies. Make certain to buy Papaver somniferum. Do not buy California poppies. Be sure to save some seed for the next year so you won’t have to buy it every year.
      Also, with poppy seed tea, make sure your buying UNWASHED seeds because a kid made tea with 3-4 pounds of seed and it killed him. Now the DEA is after the major companies to wash the sh## out of the seeds. Just google unwashed seeds. Be careful, there is said to be as much as 500 mg in a couple pounds of seed. Good luck to everyone. I see lean times ahead.

  2. I would like to start out by saying that this article is exactly what I have been looking for. I am a “DOOMSDAY PREPPER”, and have been on pain meds for 8 years; due to aver critical car accident to where I was ejected from the car. I of course, worry about a economic collapse,and where would I go to get my medicines? I have several thosand seeds, a greenhouse, and can grow anything, and actually bring plants back from the dead! LOL. So any info on where I could get a few seeds would be very helpful! thanks for the article, and I wil be loking for any books (as mentioned), plus some.

    • I have had chronic pain for over 2 years. And during those 2 years have been going from doctor to doctor to find one that truly understands about pain and how it can rob you of your daily pleasures and life in general. Doctors are so scared of the FDA and loosing their licenses, some have turned a blind eye to patients who really are in pain and in need of medication to control it. All because of people who abuse it and use it just to get high. It ruins it for me who really needs it for function in my daily life. I’ve lost a marriage over it, I’ve lost jobs over it, and am still struggling with the pain. I am now on Tramadol, FYI don’t let ANY doctor tell you it is NOT an opioid. It is! End of story. I have a copy of Opium For The Masses and find the directions hard to follow. Hey, I’m a blonde what can I say. But there is a Bible scripture in the Catholic Bible, in the book of Sirach Chapter 38 verse 4 that says and I quote “The Lord created medicines from the earth, and a sensible person will not HESITATE to use them.” That’s all the comfort I need to know that they are here for our relief of pain and suffering. Kratom is also a natural remedy for moderate to severe pain and is legal in the US to purchase on line. $20.00 for 30 – 40 capsules. The Ming Da is the best type to use so they say and works like an opioid and is one. They also have a Kratom 14x that they say is as strong as Percocet! I’ve yet to try it. But I will. The FDA will soon try to out law that too according to many articles I’ve read about Kratom on line. So that tells me, they know it’s an opioid too. The best part is, your body does not get a tolerance to it, meaning that your dose NEVER has to be raised in order to get relief. I’m loosing my respect for doctors, they just don’t get it. And they treat everyone like a user. There are a few good doctors out there, but finding one is hard. Thanks for letting me vent my frustration at 4:31am.

      • Kratom may have opioid-like properties but is not an opioid. Whoever told you Kratom 14x is as strong as percocet has never taken percocet. It is nowhere near the same and does not control pain nearly as well.

        • Kratom can be detected on drug tests as a “benzo”…i.e. valium, etc…Feels like valium to me…No good for pain. Works for anxiety, though.

      • Tramadol is not an opiate. You don’t have to take my word for that (no reason why you should, you don’t know me). But here is a link to a search I did and it will give you lots of reading about it if you are interested.


        And while tramadol may work wonders for you, and if it does I am glad, it was useless to me. One of my mother’s doctors told her that it was effective with around 70% of people but for the rest it was useless (which it was for me).

      • Kratom is NOT an opioid…. it is a relative of the coffee plant. It does however act chemically on the MU opioid receptors providing focus and mild pain relief

        • Kratom is illegal in my state. I tried to buy seeds or the plant but was denied. However, I wasn’t denied the purchase of 8 different varieties of Papaver somniferum (aka opium poppy)! Isn’t that hilarious.

      • Kratom absolutely does create tolerance with repeated use. While it may not be an opioid in name it does activate opioid receptors in the brain and as such those receptors will eventually build tolerance. It’s not an opiate simply because it doesn’t come from p. Somniferum, it still has the same risk of tolerance, dependence and addiction. I fully support people having free access to this substance but they need to understand what they are dealing with.

    • The seeds are the only edible ones, so u can by them where cooking herbs are. Good luck and be discreet. 🙂

  3. you can get poppy seeds from many places. type in “papaver somniferum seeds” in a google search. XD

  4. Similar to mushroom picking, I would advise extreme caution when dealing with opium poppies. I have no moral issues with the idea of using the plant (or cannabis use for that matter), but I do know of some teens who took it upon themselves to make tea from the milk of poppy seeds, and they became seriously ill – dangerous seizures etc. Your post provides excellent references, which I applaud. I just hope that people use caution, and treat this medication with the respect it deserves. I am a new reader, (came for the ‘be a better wife’ post), but I am pleased with your site and I will keep reading. Thanks.

  5. I have degenerative disc desease in my lumbar vertabraes, I was on Oxy for a little over 10 years, I got off them and now take methadone 10mg daily. They seem to work but I too am worried about a possible collapse. What do we do then. I’ve tried pigeonholing a few extra each month to save some up but never seem to get anywhere.I would like to try the poppyseed method, but I’m 61 yrs old. I don’t want to end up n a crowbar hotel somewhere for having them.

    • I found this info from an erowid person (erowid is another website to check out). You can have blooming poppies in your yard. You can purchase the seed, too. However, it’s illegal to have the dried pod. Which is really a kenundrum. You can’t have viable seeds unless the pod dries out. So, in other words, don’t get caught with the dried pod!

    • I also have degenerative disc disease. I am also 58 and have lived a very active and eventful life. I am not taking any meds because the doctors wont prescribe them even though surgery is not an option for me. The pain is intense and an everyday thing. I have considered suicide but have not told anybody. I am hurting so badly and there is no help for me. My life feels like it is over. THANKS DEA.

  6. I fell 14 feet and broke my neck back and hip. I have had 6 surgical procedures to get me out of pain. First they put in a cage around my spine called a spinal fixator, then they had to open my back up again to fix their screw up, but this time they destroyed the nerve cluster that makes my left leg work. Then my back absesed, so another surgery. Months later, I was still in God awful pain, so they recommend a spinal stimulator, witch involves two more spinal surgeries. So I do that and am still in horrible pain, so they put me on methodone and percecets for the last 10 years, raising my dose every few years. Now they have cut off ALL MY PAIN MED COMPLETELY! For the last ten years I have been dragging my leg behind me, but even though I was in pain still with pain meds, I still walked, dragging my leg behind me. Bowing in so very much pain that I can no longer get myself out of bed, cant get in a bathtub, and have to be put in a wheelchair now, because the pain is too much now to walk with my one leg. I see poppies growing next door, so ill ask the neighbors if I can have them. And ill also order the books. DONT CARE ABOUT THE LAW any more. They have caused me to help myself or kill myself. I prefer to help myself! Thank you for everybodies input and information!

  7. I am a chronic pain patient as many others have posted here. I’m always sorry to hear of anyone in this condition. It robs you of your quality of life. The DEA is cracking down so hard (they say they aren’t and it’s not their fault) that even pharmacists treat you like a criminal and make decisions on who should and should not get their scripts filled. Also like many others, I worry about the SHTF situation and what I’d do if I suddenly couldn’t get my required medications.

    So, if you worry about it, you can grow your own as Papa says. First off, it is NOT illegal to grow poppies. Poppies are beautiful flowers that are very commonly grown all over America. You will not get in trouble for growing it like if you had a stand of marijuana plants in your front yard. Second, the only way to get into trouble is if the police see that you’ve sliced the pods with a blade and the opium is running down the sides of the pods. This means you’ve intentionally cut them to get the opium. You wouldn’t want the police to witness that or you out there in the garden scraping it off the pods. Finally, it is NOT illegal to buy papaver somniferum seeds (opium poppy seeds). You can discretely order them online. I tried to grow some, but I had no luck because I waited until it was too hot to start them outside. The seeds are very tiny and the baby plants are very fragile. I haven’t tried again but will next spring. I have a nice plot out behind my home that has an embankment that is a nightmare to mow. Being in pain 24/7 I’m not too keen on breaking out a push mower. So I may sow a large area with poppies and with wildflowers to have a beautiful flower garden that I don’t have to mow. It’ll also produce copious amounts of God’s beautiful pain medicine. Everything we need for our health, God has provided in nature. The government and DEA are against it because the big pharma companies cannot patent (without altering the molecular structure which is what oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, etc., is). it and government can’t tax it. That’s all there is to it. Do you really think they care if you stop breathing? No, they don’t. They (the elite) want to see over 90% of the population of the world gone anyway. Don’t believe that? Then you need to go study it and you’ll see many people, mostly billionaires and the super-rich families and monarchies and their descendants talking about it openly – Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc. Ok, I’ve gone off topic and digressed, but you can grow your own, just be careful milking the poppies because that’s where you’ll get caught. The opium stays fresh for years. It does not lose potency and is easily kept. There are some informational websites out there about it. So here’s to you and you keeping your pain in control and living a great life! – as much as you can in chronic pain. Nothing wrong with controlling your pain if that’s what you’re doing. I don’t seek to get high, I just seek to work, live, take care of my wife and little son, and enjoy the world and life. That’s all. So spread those seeds boys and girls and take advantage of what God has put here for our use. HE put it there for us, but He didn’t mean for us to abuse it.

    I wish you all good health, no pain, and a big crop of relief!!

    P.S. – it’s great to treat other medical problems as stated in the article and other posts. It doesn’t hurt your liver, kidneys, or heart like Tylenol and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do (Aleve, ibuprofen).

    Lil Joe
    B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (pending) Engineering

    • Your words are so darn true! Why should we constantly be forced to help bulk up the obscenely huge profits of a massive corporation when we have the resources growing in our gardens??? Sigh, I am employed in law and order and even my superior has expressed interest in home made laudanum for his back! The sooner the human species evolves to one who looks only to advance in technology, medical advancements etc the better!!

      • I wouldn’t buy them from Amazon. There are several seed companies that sell them. I don’t want to cause them any harm by broadcasting their name. Just google poppy seeds!

  8. I have a fusses back and I lost my job my husband is disable what are the best seed and to find out more on how to perpair it I picked my Oxus up the other day the first time in 12 years with out insurance. We in bad shape now what do I do we have went from 80000 a year to 10000 I am scared we just going to have to leave in bed can not get help

  9. Unfortunately, until the US government removes its ban on these God made medicinal plants or is overthrown by people that have had enough, the only consisant way to get pain relief is through a doctor.

    The seeds are easily obtainable; legal to buy, sell and own – I literally just bought a two pound bag on eBay. Here’s the problem. Growing them at all is illegal. Having pods or stalks fresh or dried is illegal. Be careful o know the law before you go planting seeds. Keep in mind that your web and email history is saved and easy to obtain for law enforcement, so if you’re caught growing you may claim naïveté but if they find a search on your computer about “opium harvesting” or really anything drug related, your case just got incredibly difficult and/or expensive.

    The active agents in poppies are found in the seed pod membrane or skin. When you scratch the skin of a poppy pod, a resin forms in several hours that is a potent agent. When you grow poppies to harvest seeds, the pods are left to complete their cycle and the aging pod membrane leaks its resin on to the seeds its carrying, basically soaking the seeds in this active agent. Since its legal to buy, sell and own seeds, one could make a juice by soaking and shaking the seeds in some form of citric acid (which helps draw the agent from the seeds) – lemon juice is a good example. This is effective but be careful and do your research. Each crop yield has veritable amounts of the active agents which can be LETHAL if consumed in high enough quantities.

    One day, hopefully, we will have the freedom to grow the plants God gave us for our benefit….but in the mean time, don’t risk breaking the law on a technicality…legal relief can be found with diligence. Enjoy and be safe.

  10. You’re showing a picture of Papaver rhoeas, which doesn’t actually produce opium alkaloids. Most of the poppies people grow in their gardens are P. rhoeas, and some commercial poppy seeds are from this plant as well.

  11. Im curious, I’d like to get this book you speak of as well, and im very new to this. But the opium plant that id like to make these home remedies with where can I actually get it? And this is the plant that esentially makes heroin if you really wanted too? Im just wondering because people have been able to mess with every part of nature that they havent made some sort of hormone or something rather to the opium plants I see online for sale that can no longer actually produce a pure opium. Like they are trying to sell me a fake opium plant or something. If you know a good site or something please privately Email me if you could. I just dont trust typical online sellers I could be buying anything..

  12. I would like to say that for over a year now, I have used both seeds and pods – pods are my favorite. I de seed them but save the seeds, then crush the pods with my hands and put them in the blender then in a coffee bean grinder. Place a coffee filter in your coffee pot ( I keep a separate coffee pot for this specifically ) and add the ground pods. Fill your coffee pot with 8 cups, and let your coffee maker run this through, then pour the tea through the coffee pot twice more making total of thee times and you have PERFECT pain relieving tea that will keep you from pain, give you the most wonderful night’s sleep, and you will wake up ready to go, all rested and pain free all day. I order my pods from a special place, and when I run out, I make tea with the seeds. I have chronic pain, a degenerative spinal disease, and nothing has helped me as much as this has. Pod and seed lovers unite as one in Nature !!! Nature always knows best !!!!!! Anyone have a good recipe for Laudenum that they can share up here?

    • Lady butterfly, my husband also has to deal with chronic pain. His pain level is so high that us normal folks would absolutely die. I love him so and to save us thousands from him going to pain management I have read and talked to him about this. We have both come to the conclusion that this is something we’d like to try. So, if you would be so kind as to direct us on where to order these from we would forever be in debted to you. Thank you so kindly.

  13. Just bought the book recently, have the back and spine from hell haha! And although my doctor here is quite good, I would rather have something that is home grown, prepared and available, also organic, so having inherited my amazing Dad’s green fingers (RIP) I am growing my own poppies to prepare and make laudanum 🙂 I shall keep you updated!

  14. So, are “Opium Poppies” legal to grow and use in the US? If so, where do I get them? I am a special needs mom of two, I have suffered from intense chronic pain for many years. I’ve always used medications as directed, always held myself accountable, and got God’s sake, I’ve never even been drunk, and I’m pushing 50 with a short stick. All I want is to be able to push through my extreme pain, inflammation and debilitating muscle spasms and contractions to the point that I can remain useful to my family. Since losing my husband t to Leukemia, I’m on my own here. Because of purple who abuse drugs and because the government is making it nearly impossible to get the medications I need, I’m trying to inform myself of effective alternatives. Normally, I take Hydrocodone and Soma. Thank you.

  15. You can get good seeds from ebay and you just rototill a good sized rectangle in the yard, full sun area! Rototilling is a good idea if not in a flowerbed you added soil to! It will aerate the soil and break it up esp. if you live in a state like I do (Michigan) with mostly clay soil! There are people who will tell you this is bad and blah blah but my grandfather always rotoed his gardens and the man could grow huge veggies, fruit and flowers, that tasted great and were envyed by most! Also, poppies need a cold period before they can sprout and germination to begin! I have already set my seeds and this is just march but with the weather being warm already, they will be fine here in michigan! To be honest they will germinate even if it is a mild cold like in the 50s or 60s but you will see at harvest that your pods dont have very much laytex in them compared to if they germinate in a temp of say 30 or 40 degree weather! Also, If your a person who tends to your flowers daily, watering, fertilizing with the right nutrients at the right time, I wouldnt thin and here is why! Your growing a small amount and even if you have 200 pods, your still looking at not as much laytex as you think! That is why I let them grow and I dont thin and they still find the sun you will see by the weird way they grow to find the sun, and they will! They really arent that hard to grow just make sure you plant in full sun and remember when spreading the seeds that bugs and animals love these seeds so when someone says plant sparingly, dont! I recomened spreading as many as possible. Remember that only the papaver somniferum make opim laytex! I would recommend reading up on cutting the pods because that is the hardest part. To light a cut you get no laytex and bruise the pod, cutting to hard spills the laytex in the pod case and wastes it. You dont want to waste it so that to me is something you get better at with experience and actually doing it! Feel free to email me anyone if you need more info on growing be happy to help thecastro4@comcast.net! Also once you obtain seeds from someone you will not have to again because you will have your own! Good luck

  16. I have multiple sclerosis which in my case causes serious pain throughout the body most days. I can’t function in paid so I stay in bed losing muscle and weight. Pain management treats most of us like drug addicts & won’t provide strong enough to reduce pain to level 3. I don’t need it at a 1 or zero but a 2 or 3 would be nice.

    I don’t know laws of any of it but have thought of growing my own. No clue how to legally get the seeds etc. I feel hopeless at this point. It is not me trying to get high. I could go to liquor store for that if I had the money. I don’t drink and never even did an illegal drug in my life not that it matters since I don’t judge those who do.

    If anyone has suggestions, I’d be happy to hear there is some hope.

  17. Look I have to say I am interested in this site becauase I have always advocated the Fruits of the Earth for your healing it ran in my family and further to say it was ww1 and ww2 rationists and industrail slavery cartels that commenced the inllegal rationing of the fruits of the Earth and this was contrary to the American position, why the war on drugs which were falsely labeled as drugs came about is compilcated propganda by indrialists whom served still to furnish theanvay command whom benefited from the ship loads of fruits they wsere taining upon the vessels when they took off, something the 1930s rations laws prohibited and created in ww2d by the Amricans mrirrorng the earlieer slavery laws which says thou shalt not depirve any from the free fruits of God’s Earth the true foundings of George Washington, yet no one seems to break the bverrier of what is a chemical compound now and a plant, telling people today chemicals are plants and such nonsense like that, which pants possess no chemicals unless it is pured onto them or mixed with them; Geroge Brush senior factually was defending the United nations laws that no chemical compound be for ingestible purpose by any means propagated as such et cetera for medical practices and attempted to twart big pharma from happening, yet was labeled the man whom caused drug wars at the time he attempting to prevent the Valium shipments and likeness of tranquilizing agents from entering the USA. And this herein are the facts, save for a few ignorant border crossing agents whom decided to cause a fight with maijaguana shippers whom took their product across the border at that time was a comment made by George Bush senior zero tolerance, using a simple phrase that no chemical compounds of any sort for in-gestation, purposes or any other form of administrations, was converted to mean all, all plants to be considered drugs, which is of course false, as is the term drugs a false beginning and ending much the same way propaganda twists things. Hippies were considered rogues because of the dealing tranquilizers hypnotics powerful to use brainwashing techniques then too, hippies, today they teach that this is Kool, hip period of the drugging of North America with chemical false cures and injuries caused by the chemicals a treatments too. Plants from nature do not harm one, yet the pharmaceutical industry in Canada managed to acquire the rights of defined its rationing monopoly by having the Conservative government their to have prove that the plant remedies and allowed then when proved the pharmaceutical companies proprieties to deliver them too, under today’s food monopoly, so goes the, rationist way, from the Troy party of Scotland whom engaged the lands and the farms working its way upon north America. Yes it is a problem yet clearly watch whom you blame and get the facts straight. monopolies today food distributors and farmers huge farms linked to chemical producing companies Imperial chemicals of England the oldest company and largest mineral holdings company in the world has at least 6500 in other nations parent companies termed heads offices globally, and th America everyone loved did not attack itself. No, rather it attempted to take the poisoners of Africa to justice and cased a psychological attack upon itself, since 1970s, along with the UN courts whom eventually found British rogue vessel commanders responsible for poisonings of north Africa with brain active tranquilizers, and Valium type drugs which caused the scourge today still ongoing depletion of the health and survival skills, of the masses there; and George Bush senior was a FBI, director and CIA whom did not operate an oil company as propaganda had told the masses. In fact the laws of slavery defends the right to the free fruits of the earth your first rights to nature and place of rest. I would like to challenge the laws present stance upon this and no one clearly could argue yet they would probably kill me as taking the documents before courts is a constant thing with me, and further extenuating things like that, and much worse obstructions have occurred in many ways…so Conservative from the ship to shore do attend to become errant defending British Tory policy and not north America slavery laws as it stands and indivisible are those laws of slavery, that none shall ever change, under God

  18. It’s all good that the red flower may help with some people’s pain sores and hurting but really who wants to smoke that stuff how much truth is in cutting the flower bud half way for white sap to drip out they probably don’t even leak out sap. I’m going to grow some for the hummingbirds and moths and bees so they can eat the nectar.

    And if your a dope-head and you guys think your using organic medicine your right it is organic, but is still a drug tobacco helped with my bad tooth ache and it wasn’t just in my head I didn’t just think that it did, tobacco helped sooth the soreness in my gum from my bad tooth rotting away from drinking to much soda pops if some people don’t want sore ass teeth then don’t drink soda pop, alot of people can get teeth that look just like a drug addicts teeth just from cans of sugary sodas if you drink soda for years you can brush your teeth all you want but that can of soda will still eat up your teeth over time.

  19. I really don’t want to do this but have to find pain relief and pissed at the medical establishment. We are a nation of laws, AF vet but the last two yrs I have been dealing with pain that would kill a less tougher person. The medical community seems to only care about themselves, not the patient. 2010 major fusion, Dr fucked up and had to fix that in 2013. Again on other DIsk in Dec 2016 so painfully fucked up and can’t work anymore. Rather die than put up with the pain now, even driving me nuts were I don’t love on my dogs anymore.

  20. To those asking;”Where can I order poppy seeds online?”. Type those exact words into your web browser’s search bar. “Web browser” being google or yahoo or whatever the case may be. All the world’s information about the subject is on the internet. Good luck!

  21. As someone that is condemned to taking morpheme for the rest of my life I’m glad that someone researched this information for me because I’ve been trying to find directions for making laudanum for quite a while. Ever silence my accident in fact. And being a product of the 60’s I’m into DIY solutions to problems I encounter. So again I would like to give you my heart felt thanks for this article. Skip Weasel

    • I have had to take morphine for the last 20 years because of a motorcycle wreck.I like all the info here and want to make my own pain meds because insurance no longer covers pain management.So if there is a place to get the pods from would like to know where.I,am not the law just some one who is tired of all the Dea bullshit about opiates.Here is my email if someone knows where to order from.stvdirtmodified1@aol.com .Thx and hope to here from someone

  22. hi i suffer from chronic back pain i was ran over by my truck 23 years ago an the pain has gotten so bad an it isnt in just my back now it is all over i am so sick of how the gov treats us we the real pain suffers not out to just get hi but just need some of the pain to go down so i can clean the house an do other things that need to be done i am bornagain i Love JESUS CHRIST but im human an i suffer from alot of pain

  23. As far as ordering pods ( for floral arrangements) lol what is the most reliable
    Company, I live in Canada and got stiffed by a company from newyork. I actually just think he couldn’t meet the demand

  24. I’ll start by saying I’m both a Christian minister, and a Conservative (real shocker lol). I’m also a chronic pain sufferer, and am uphalled at what our gov’t is doing to people who really do need relief. It is a shame and a disgrace that our rights to adequate pain management, and many others for that matter are, being infringed on the way they are. That is the very first line in the patients’ bill of rights, that I believe is basically attached to the Hippocratic oath, which all Dr.’s take before practicing medicine. I suppose some people don’t honor their oaths the way they should . It’s just so sad that so many of our lives are in these people’s hands. Then the govn’ t takes away our rights to treat ourselves, and tells us too see a Dr. Now the Dr.’s get squeezed by the DEA, the fda, and the good ole Centers For Disease control. They tell us there’s an “opioid epidemic” and those people they told us to go see for our own well-being, they’re now the villains, peddling drugs for the pharmaceutical companies. It’s making my head hurt trying to keep up with all their lies and hypocrisy. We as a people who are being oppressed in this way, should put our differences in politics,backgrounds, and skin colors to the side and join together as human beings concerned for each other and make our voices heard. Arguing and squabbling is a distraction “they” want us to engage in so “they” Can impose their will upon US!! It’s actually working pretty well for “them” so far isn’t it. We do need to get back to using what God gave us to use for healthier bodies, and stop letting gov’t bureaucrats steamroll us while we’re not paying attention. Sorry for the tirade. I’m just tired of being a pawn in some big wigs game that I don’t want to play anymore!! If you believe like I do, let’s work to become a force for good for humanity. Email me anytime johnnieash@ymail.com.

  25. Out of pure irony in very ancient Europeans, Especially central Europe, that which became the Germanic tribes and then Germania until the asshole Romans came and conquered them for reasons that make zero sense to me. Anyways back on track, they grew vast fields of opium poppies, and viewed it as a sacred medicine, for use in ritual, for pleasure, and for medicine of a laundry list of ailments. It was such a widespread art that the occupation of being a guard for the fields was an actual thing for centuries, 24/7 especially as harvest season got closer and very much so when the lancing of the pods was done, but aside from popular belief lancing is not required if extractring and making Full spectrum tinctures by the gallons plus have vast kilos of poppy straw as well as opium itself, lancing actually weakens the next generations opium poppies, the most hearty ones were left untouched to have plenty of seed to grow them again next season.Not just the opium poppy has pain killing effects, a certain poppy that grows in arctic regions has the power as well, but do your research, that poppy is poison, but so is the opium poppy so go figure… Or if you live in a warm climate like say the south eastern united states, germ early, then plant after last frost in a partial sun area. Even if they do not get to flower and pod stage you can still harvest many many kilos of poppy straw and extract out gallons of pain killing tincture, and best part of that is, not a soul will know what they are before the flower stage. These things grow fast 100-140 day cycle, imagine how much you could make from just one acre of them…??? even without flower stage, do you research you will see what I mean. Pain killers are not just in the latex, it is all throughout the plant. Even in a personal garden you could grow enough to have tincture to hold you over for long periods of time because the doctor cut you back on the meds you NEED! Do what you must do, screw any laws that dictate it is okay for you to suffer by making nature illegal, what kind of culture makes nature illegal? One that will not last long, that what kind of culture does such a horrible thing. Opium was not written down as being addictive until after 4000 years of use, And no I am not tell a tall tale fish story here, literal fact. Yes it is addictive, so is coffee, sugar, sex and many other things dictated as okay which are not demons to this culture. Those who abuse get really addicted, those who take for a need take the amount so needed. I suggest Persian whites, especially if you do not plant on getting it to flower stage, they have the highest amount of morphine throughout the plant. Ebay is a good place. you can get 1000-10000 seeds for barley any money at all. You could but it in pounds, but then you do not know the species you are getting most of the time. and avoid Tasmania ones, they are low in opiates and high in thebane which is worthless unless your a chemist who can turn it into hydrocodone, oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydromorphone etc etc. Nature gave us these gifts, we should use them with respect now and always.

  26. Thousands of people grow P. Som poppies every year. It’s legal, just illegal to harvest the opium by lancing/scraping the pods. If you wait until the turn brown, who’s to say what you do in the privacy of your kitchen. Best strains to grow are Queen’s Poppy and Lauren’s Grape. Izmir and Panjishir White and Izmir are good too. Afghani Red and Pesian white are good also. If you can find the ellusive Ikanshu (Japanese opium poppy), that’s a potent breed f P. Som. Many people use the brown, dried pods in floral arrangements, so don’t listen to people telling you it’s illegal to have thea, pod tea (including the ‘knuckles”, the node on the stem just under the pod, they are high in alkaloids for pain) made from dried, brown pods after removing the seeds for next year, is way better (not as good as oxy), but put about 15 to 20 dried pods in a pot of hot (not boiling, as boiling kills the opiates), add the juice of a lemon (or citric acid found in the baking aisle as a powder in a jar, also add a cap or 2 of vinegar, as the acetic acid acts, like the citric acid in lemon juice, to help draw the M.phine from the pods, which you have put in a food processor and turned into as fine a “flour” as you can get it, allow to steep in the steaming water for about 5-15 minutes, and drink). How much depends on your tolerance.I have been a chronic pain patient for 21 years and my Roxicodone dosage I’m now RXd is less than half of the dosage I was stabilized on pretty well for decades, so I have a huge tolerance. I start with a big glass (gulped), then sip on a second glass to supplement my woefully inadequate roxy dosage. I wait an hour, see how I feel, and drink more as needed. Even raw opium smoked in good amounts is underwhelming compared to oxycodone/Roxicodone, but it’s a good supplement.