New air quality & CO2 monitor helps us visualize the invisible threats in our air

The best feature of the AirVisual Node, described as “the most precise consumer air quality monitor on the market,” might have nothing to do with its sensors.

node-sensor-displayHow do you track the invisible? How do you know if the CO2 level in your home gets dangerously high, or if there are hazardous levels of particulate matter in the air where you’re sleeping?

It’s one thing to be able to see dirt, say on your dishes or clothes or furniture, and to then do something about it, such as cleaning it. But it’s another thing entirely to try to do the same with influences which are basically invisible to us, and that’s what the emerging sector of personal environmental monitors and air quality sensors and apps aims to help us do, by quantifying and visualizing the potentially toxic elements in the air we breathe.

The latest entry into the personal air quality monitoring space is AirVisual’s new Node device, which, instead of being meant to be tucked out of sight somewhere, is designed to be looked at to convey the current quality of air to those nearby.

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