Solar-powered LED spotlight adds security & convenience to outdoor spaces (review)

solar-led-gearbestThis little LED spotlight offers an easy hands-free lighting option, powered by the sun, for just about any outdoor space.

One great application for small-scale solar, aside than the occasional gadget-charging, is providing electricity to charge the batteries used for low wattage lighting, such as LED lights, which offer a lot of illumination with just a little electricity.

The widely-available tiny solar garden lights are one example, but when everything is scaled up – the solar cell, the battery, and the bulb – it’s possible to replace other outdoor lighting needs as well, such as porch lights and security lights. When the components are sized correctly, so that the battery and solar cell are matched to the intended usage of the light, a solar spotlight can be a reliable lighting fixture that can be installed just about anywhere with exposure to the sun, with no plugs or wires, and no batteries to replace.

I’ve been using one such device for the last few months, a Solar LED spotlight from GearBest, and so far, it’s been a great addition to my house.

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