Building the direct solar economy: GoSol’s solar concentrator

gosol-solar-peanut-roasterOne organization that is moving the needle on accessible and affordable solar technologies for the developing world is GoSol, which I’ve written about a couple of times, and which is now demonstrating what it calls the “Direct Solar Economy.”

“With’s simple, scalable solar thermal technology people everywhere in the world will be able to harvest and use energy — for free, without air pollution, independent of electric power or fuel availability because solar concentrators are the number one technology for a direct solar economy.”

Using solar energy directly, instead of as an input to a complex solar electricity system, offers a range of benefits to users, from being able to construct the systems from locally available materials, to providing what is essentially free fuel for the life of the system, to reducing air pollution and health hazards. GoSol is demonstrating what is possible with several pilot projects, including a solar bakery and a peanut butter cooperative in Kenya, and is offering up plans for its solar concentrator at a very reasonable cost.

Read the full article: GoSol is building the direct solar economy with its solar concentrator

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