Share Your Story with Stonyfield Farm’s Just Eat Organic! Campaign

Stonyfield Farm has just launched a year-long “Just Eat Organic!” organic education campaign, with two efforts designed to get people talking about organic: Just Eat Organic, a music video by Stonyfield President & CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg, and Organic Moment, a space on the web for people to share personal stories about what organic means to them.

“These past few months ignited an important – and sometimes challenging – dialogue around organic. The recent USDA decision to allow the growing of genetically engineered alfalfa dealt a blow to organic, but it has also brought about an impassioned focus on the benefits of organic foods. Now, more than ever, is the time for organic consumers to choose the foods they eat and feed their families. It is also the time to share our reasons and stories with others, and to inspire others to do the same.” – Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield Farm

Hirshberg’s “Just Eat Organic” rap tells the story of America’s switch from family farms to modern agriculture, which let Big Agriculture profit while consumers got addicted to convenient foods that are bad for their health.

“Cancer rates are steadily rising, in kids and moms and dads.
A baby born in Birmingham, Boise, Bend or Boston,
now has in her cord blood almost 300 toxins.
The U.S. Cancer Panel Study makes me ill at ease
’cause 41 percent of us will get this disease.
Cut out unnecessary chemicals is what they prescribe.
So to avoid getting sick, just change the stuff you imbibe!”

And Honest Tea comes back with their own “Rethink what you drink” video for Just Drink Organic:

Your Organic Moment features stories from individuals, groups, families, and companies about what inspired them to start eating organic, how organic changed their lives and why organic is important. People are invited to send in their own stories as text, photos or simple videos (Flip cam, web cam, or mobile cam).

“How did you and organic get together? Whatever your reason for choosing organic, we want to hear it. You may have a single organic moment — a love at first sight story — when organic mattered to you. Or maybe you’ve had a lot of little organic moments that add up to why you eat organic today. Maybe you’re still waiting on your moment.”

Here’s Dr. Bill Sears sharing his story:

All of the storytellers will be entered to win one year’s worth of organic groceries from Stonyfield and other leading organic brands, including Annie’s, Happy Baby, Grandy Oats Granola, Honest Tea, Late July, Nature’s Path, Organic Valley and Theo’s Chocolate.

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