Red Bull or the vegetable? In The Matrix of a food war, this kid chooses his pill

Food Fight“There’s a war going on inside,
no man is safe from:
every corner in the hood got a KFC
or McD’s. It’s crack speed like RED
Bull-ish they pulpit – so caffeine,
Kit Kat like a click-clack holes in your genes
Cuz everything at market ain’t all what it seems.”
Food Fight

“Food Fight follows a kid on a journey through his homicidal food reality. The local corner store is killing his neighborhood — literally. From a Morpheus-like guide, he learns the reality behind the food he’s buying, and must decide to take the Orange Carrot Pill or the Red Bull Pill”

From the creators of Plastic State of Mind, Food Fight features musician/advocate AshEL Seasunz Eldridge and Stic Man of legendary hip-hop group Dead Prez, who hope the music video and the free comprehensive accompanying school curriculum will help teachers educate kids both online and in the classroom about the altered realities of our food system.

Food Fight is brought to you by Earth Amplified, New Message Media, and SOS Juice.

Derek Markham

Things I dig include: simple living, natural fatherhood, attachment parenting, natural building, unassisted childbirth (homebirth), bicycles, permaculture, organic and biodynamic gardening, vegan peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, bouldering, and the blues. Find me elsewhere at @NaturalPapa, @DerekMarkham, Google+, or RebelMouse.

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