New Equal Exchange Chocolate Bars Review and Coupon Code

Equal Exchange Chocolate

I’m pretty picky about the chocolate I eat – not only does it have to be made with great ingredients, it has to be produced with Fair Trade ingredients, and preferably organic ones. I’ve recently mentioned the link between non Fair Trade cacao and slavery and supporting dictators, and one way to avoid being a part of both of those elements is by purchasing your chocolate bars from companies such as Equal Exchange.

The good people at Equal Exchange recently sent me two of their newest creations to review, the Organic Ecuador Dark Chocolate bar and the Organic Chocolate Caramel Crunch bar. Both of these are organic and made with Fair Trade ingredients from small farmers, and will not only let you feel good about your sweet tooth, but will also make your taste buds jump for joy.

The Ecuador bar is made with chocolate liquor from Fortaleza del Valle cooperative in Ecuador, cocoa butter from co-ops in the Dominican Republic, and fairly traded organic sugar from farmer co-operatives in Paraguay. It is silky smooth and decadently delicious, with a complex flavor that leaves a fresh, light taste in your mouth. This bar was easily my favorite of the two, and I can highly recommend it for dark chocolate lovers.

The Caramel Crunch bar isn’t vegan, due to the caramel bits, and so isn’t my first pick (I prefer straight dark chocolate), but it was pretty darn tasty. I must confess that I don’t normally like little crunchy bits of anything in my chocolate, but this bar proved the exception to that. The Caramel Crunch bar also includes sea salt in it, which added to the experience – the taste of slightly saltiness married to sweet and caramel-y flavor. It’s made with cacao from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru, and with fairly traded organic sugar from farmer co-operatives in Paraguay.

Equal Exchange also offered the readers of Natural Papa a coupon code for a case of Equal Exchange chocolate from their website: From now until February 28, enter the code ‘chocolate5’ when checking out, and they will take $5 off of the price.

So if you’re considering gifts of chocolate for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, be sure to check out the excellent offerings from Equal Exchange!

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  • I do have to say that my favorite chocolate is Milka. I love it and miss it (can’t find it in USA, I am from Europe).
    I haven’t tried any of those in your post, but they sure sound like something I might give a go 🙂


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