On the Lighter side: Startup offers free personalized meal plans, recipes, & shopping lists

lighterThis startup aims to be the Pandora of plant-based eating, with expert advice from chefs, athletes, and top health and food leaders.

Moving away from the standard American diet (SAD), and toward a more eco-friendly and healthy way of eating, can be a challenge for many people. Going meatless, or at least partially meatless, for daily and weekly meal plans, is one place to start, but trying to do so without the advice and guidance of those who are well-versed in nutrition and food preparation of plant-based meals might end up being a frustrating experience. And while there are a variety of vegetarian and vegan resources on the web, trying to sort through the thousands of available recipe options is a bit overwhelming.

And that’s where Lighter comes in, as it offers meal recommendations based on your personal eating goals (eat healthier, more simply, more sustainably, etc.), your appetite, the number of people in your household, food allergies or dislikes, dietary needs (low sodium, no added sugar, etc.), the equipment you have in your kitchen, and the time you have for food preparation.

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