Ditch Plastic Straws with Glass Dharma

We drink a lot of smoothies in our house, and our two youngest kids love to use straws to drink theirs. So we used to buy a box of straws every so often, and then use and wash each plastic straw numerous times before they got too funky. But that was before we had glass straws from Glass Dharma.

Single use plastics are a huge environmental bugaboo, from the resources used to produce them to the exceedingly long times they stick around in places like the ocean and landfills once they get tossed. And if we’re going to be using something every day or every week, it’s much better all around if we have a reusable version instead of the thousands upon thousands of ‘disposable’ ones we would otherwise go through.

Glass drinking straws have a couple of distinct advantages, apart from the fact that they completely replace the need for plastic straws. The first is that unlike with plastic straws, no harmful toxins can leach into our food, either through heat, long use, or a kid chewing on the end. The second is that these straws are easy to clean, which is not something you can say about most plastic straws. The third is, well, it’s so much more classy to drink through a glass straw than a plastic one (kind of like choosing your favorite glass cup over one of those red plastic keg cups).

Glass Dharma straws are made from borosilicate tubing (you may know it as Pyrex), and annealed to specifications that yield an incredibly strong and durable straw. And to prove it, they offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage for their straws – if yours breaks, you can return the broken straw for repair or replacement.

The straws are available in various sizes and widths, with shorter versions for the little ones, so you get straws that best match what you use them for. If you drink smoothies or any other thicker beverages, I’d recommend going with the wider ones, the 12 or 14mm ones (trust me on this, unless you think it’s really funny to watch a toddler try to pull a thick smoothie up through a straw that’s too small).

Glass Dharma straws also come in ‘bent’ models, as well as with decorative dots (to match your decor, or to keep them from rolling off the table), and can be ordered singly or in sets. I’d also recommend buying a tiny bristle brush to clean them, either from the company itself or another kitchen supply source.

If your household is a heavy user of plastic straws, consider breaking the cycle by investing in some of these Glass Dharma straws. Sure, it will cost more up front, but if each one can replace thousands of plastic ones over its life, it’s a win for both the environment and your wallet. After using these regularly in our kitchen, we can’t imagine life without them.

Find them at Glass Dharma, Facebook, and Twitter.

[I received some Glass Dharma straws for review for free, but all opinions here are mine.]

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3 thoughts on “Ditch Plastic Straws with Glass Dharma

  • We use glass straws. I haven’t invested in cases so we can use them when we’re out, but the girls LOVE using them at home and the neighbor kids get excited to use them too.

  • These look really cool! I think my kids will love them!

  • Not only are these eco-friendly, but they’re so much more aesthetically pleasing than plain plastic straws (even the neon colored bendy kind). Worth the investment.


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